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Goodbye, My Albatross

Hanging back a bit, Rory and Lorelai have a sidebar. Rory says she thinks she will hang out in Stars Hollow a bit longer, until Grandpa goes home from the hospital. "What?" Lorelai says, overly-alarmed. "We already decided!" This gives Rory the perfect opening to whip a huge anvil out of her pocket and smash her mom on the head: "Well, yeah," she says, really apropos of nothing, "but haven't you ever decided something and then changed your mind?" They try to make the whole thing about Rory's uncomfortable feelings about how things are going with the family. She's worried about Richard, of course, and also about the weirdness between her parents. "What is his problem?" she asks, of Christopher. "It was just a character reference!" Exactly, Rory. Thank you. Lorelai tells her that she shouldn't worry about it, and that Christopher will come around and they'll settle it. They make another lap and pass Mrs. Santiago being escorted by her stud. "Her boyfriend? Really?" Rory asks, shocked anew. "She's got a nice butt," Lorelai shrugs, to Rory's alarm. "It's the hospital gowns. Believe me, I wish I did not know that." My God, that was endless. In truth, I really liked this episode, but I am recapping here with a mild hangover from bourbon and rump shaking -- I was out among the youth of Athens, GA last night, shaking my moneymaker in a manner not seen since my nightlife heyday of 1995. But listen, they played "Push It." What would you have done? Even my aged husband was unable to resist the magnetic pull of the dance floor. "The DJ is relentless!" I screamed as the guy spun through the unlikely, but deadly, combo of Ludacris and Culture Club. "I KNOW!" he cried. "Tonight, my hips, they do not lie!"

Lorelai arrives at the Inn to the welcoming concern of her staff. She thanks several of them for calling to check on her while she was out. Sookie is happy to hear that Richard is doing well and enjoying the cookies she sent over to him, but all glib conversation ends when they run into a morose Michel in the lobby with one of his dogs, Paw Paw. It's bad news. His beloved (but evil) Chin Chin has died. "Paw Paw," says Michel, "is beside himself." A quick cut to Paw Paw reveals that this is so. Behind his fuzzy mask lurks a broken heart. Lorelai and Sookie express their condolences, but Michel is not placated, particularly by Sookie. "You didn't even like him," he snarks. "Sure I did," says Sookie, attempting to reminisce. "That little guy..." Michel reminds her that she referred to Chin Chin as "a walking flea circus." She tries again, remembering when she once dropped a barbecue sandwich at a picnic, and Chin Chin rushed by and conveniently scooped it up. "That was Paw Paw," says Michel, offended. "Chin Chin didn't even like barbecue." When Sookie shrugs it off, Michel gets even more angry, wondering if her "two stinky children are interchangeable!" Lorelai steps in again to break it up, saying that she knows Chin Chin meant a lot to him, and that he should have a memorial or something. "That would be nice," says Michel. "Could you do it by tomorrow?" Oops. Lorelai wasn't offering, but instead of saying that she might not have the time seeing as how both her marriage and her dad are in danger of fatal decline, she hems and haws and says that she'll get right on it. Michel goes off with the mourning Paw Paw to put together the extensive guest list.

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