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Fight For Your Right To Be Laaaaaazay!

A little later, Rory is in her empty guest house, hanging out in her bathing suit, watching, of all things, that clip from The Graduate where Ben hides from everyone on the bottom of the swimming pool in his scuba gear. It's a nice touch -- Rory doesn't know what to do with her life, either. On a positive note, however, Alexis Bledel looks supercute in that bathing suit.

I guess she decides against a swim, because we next see Rory wandering back to the big house, where she encounters the latest in the endless succession of maids vacuuming and cleaning. She follows the lady, Esperanza, into the kitchen area, because she is lonely, and starts a little chat with her. Greatest bit of conversation in this whole show, and it's in Spanish. They chat back and forth very lightly and Rory seems happy for the first time in a while -- perhaps because she's using her brain -- until duh duh duuuuuuuuuuuhhhhh! The Grandmother returns and hits the MegaShrill button hidden under her shellacked robot hairdo. She chastises Rory for speaking to Esperanza and for helping to polish the silver. Rory says she just felt like pitching in, and Emily further dresses her down. "You shouldn't [help]," she says. "This is her job; she's paid to do this. And, what was that language?" What was that language? Are we actually to believe that Emily Gilmore does not recognize the Spanish language? Even Rory doesn't believe it. Emily continues: "They don't like it when you talk to them, Rory. It throws them off their axis." No, Grandma, "they" don't "like" it when YOU talk to them. Nor does anyone else. Emily finally notices that Rory is wearing a swimsuit, and agrees that a swim would do her some good. Rory, chagrined, wanders out while her grandmother looks over the silver-polishing project, and sighs with shame.

I need to take a break here to report, if it's not already obvious, that I really do not like this episode. I hate to bust on this show, but this particular hour of it is just not up to par, or even close. I don't mind the Rory storyline -- though sometimes her behavior sorely reminds me of my own moments of selfishness and cluelessness in my twenties, and whenever I get annoyed with her, that is usually the reason why -- but I don't like that it's taking so long for the lesson to be learned. If I have to go a whole season with no showdown between Rory, Lorelai, and Emily PLUS endure the absence of Lane, Paris, Sookie and Michel? I will be pissed.

Over at Lorelai's, Luke arrives (minus wig, plus hat, thank goodness) and meets Lorelai's latest acquisition: the dog. Lorelai says he came with the name Coco, but that she intends to change it slowly, week by week, to acclimate him to his new name, which is to be Paul Anka. Luke seems less than thrilled. He hates dogs, he says, which Lorelai might have known had she paid attention to him any of the many times he has expressed that in the past. "You know," Lorelai says in response, "I think it's very sad that you've lost the little boy in you." Luke: "The little boy didn't like dogs, either." Lorelai is so manic in this scene, I actually found it a little uncomfortable. They go into the kitchen to have some beers, and Lorelai says she realizes that Luke's saying he hates dogs is just part of their whole "thing," where they initially disagree on a subject before hashing it out and coming to a happy medium. "No," Luke says, tired, "sometimes it's just how I feel, and my opinion doesn't change." They sit in the kitchen, but have to leave when Paul Anka comes in to eat. He's very sensitive about people watching him eat, apparently...

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