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Girls Gone Mild

La-la-la-laaaah-la-Luke's. He's testy today, and snaps at Lorelai before she can even ask him for a favor. She shows him the sample stationery and postcards for the inn and says she'd like him to approve, since he is an investor. Luke doesn't think he's an investor, even though he invested thousands of dollars into the inn, which may or may not have been the catalyst for the destruction of his faux marriage, the details of which have always remained fuzzy to those of us who watch every single episode. Luke says that nobody stays in a hotel and uses the stationery or postcards. Well, Luke, I did just today. Used the stationery from a hotel I stayed in, I mean. And when I lived in a hotel? I tended to use the paper. Just sayin'. Also: free paper and pens. And postcards. Totally use them. This is how you know Luke isn't a geek. Lorelai asks Luke if he wants to talk about what's making him Mr. Grumps. Luke comes around the counter and says, "I am not wearing my socks." He explains that he stayed the night at Nicole's place (no longer really his place). In the morning, he got dressed, and soon realized that the socks he put on weren't his socks. He always gets the same socks, with a red stripe. These have a gold stripe. I've learned from the forum that there's a very similar storyline on Sports Night when a character learned that his girlfriend was having an affair, but it was a shirt, not socks. Lorelai offers up a few explanations, but Luke bats them away. "You're not wearing your socks," Lorelai says sympathetically. "I am not wearing my socks," Luke agrees.

Paris and Rory are freezing at their Burmese Prisoner Petition table. Nobody's signing, and the girls are shivering. They have a prop of a bowl of rice. "Enjoy your Maxim," Paris shouts to a student. "You couldn't read that in Burma!" Rory complains that everyone's a hypocrite, not signing their petition. Paris jumps up to tell everyone that they suck. She knocks over their table. We see that the rice is just a styrofoam ball. Rory and Paris bicker until Glenn stops by the table. He puts down a sandwich, puts on some gloves, grabs his sandwich and leaves. He just needed a place for his sandwich, you see. Cue the rain.

Soaking wet Rory and Paris run into their dorm room. A girl staring at the storm asks, "Is it raining?" Paris shouts, "No, it's National Baptism Day. Tie your tubes, idiot!" Paris and Rory strip off some of their wet clothes.

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Gilmore Girls




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