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Panic and Freak-Outs

Max unwraps a giant Hello Kitty and tells Lorelai that every gift so far has been for her. Maybe because nobody knows who the fuck you are, creepy English teacher? Lorelai says she's the queen of Stars Hollow, and he is just her jester. He says he happily accepts that position and leans in for a kiss. Lorelai says she doesn't know how he can just leave for two months. I'm wondering, too, if the wedding is in three months. How can he just hop away and leave her to have to plan everything? Max says he wants Lorelai to come with him to Toronto. Lorelai says she has to work. Max says that two months is a long time and she might not like him when he gets back. God willing. Why are they just throwing this in here all of a sudden? Lorelai says there's a good possibility that she'll like him just as much when he gets back, and she'll be all ready to get married to him. They kiss. Two little girls run by in bridal gowns.

The girls jump into the gazebo, where Miss Patty is about to start the dance of the tiny brides. It's about seven little girls in bridal gowns, tapping to "Love Will Keep Us Together." Rory sees Kirk watching the girls dancing and asks why he's not up there. Kirk explains that he doesn't tap anymore. "Bum knees," he says. He worries that the gazebo won't hold all the "hoofers," since they wouldn't do a test run for him like he asked. Rory says that the studs and the 2x4s and the what-nots all look pretty good. She uses the actual jargon and then brags that she built a house yesterday. Except that she didn't, and yesterday was Friday and this is Saturday (according to Sookie's party plans) and Rory built the house last weekend when she was in a fight with CuteDean. Kirk leaves to yell at other party-goers for tossing Jordan Almonds.

CuteDean walks up to Rory and says this is quite a party. "Elegant and understated, just like my mother," Rory smiles. CuteDean apologizes for the fight, and Rory apologizes back. They say they missed each other. CuteDean says it was stupid to be jealous of Harvard because he loves that she wants to go there, and he doesn't know why he got so upset. Rory says she sometimes gets tunnel vision about Harvard, and she doesn't want him to feel unimportant. He says he doesn't feel unimportant. Rory says the only way he could be more important to her is if he had a Kit Kat bar growing out of his head. CuteDean says he can't make any promises, but he will try. Rory apologizes again. CuteDean says he doesn't have the kind of pressure she's got, since he's not going to a fancy school. Rory says he could go to a fancy school because he's smart and she could help him with his extra-curriculars. "One Fine Day" starts up as CuteDean asks whether she accepts his apology. She does, and they kiss as the camera pans up.

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