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Hammers And Veils

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Panic and Freak-Outs

Max and Lorelai slow dance. Lorelai looks over his shoulder and sees Luke sitting on a bench. Her face brightens as Luke smiles at her. She waves. Luke sits on a bench where three tiny bride dancers stare at him. Luke watches Lorelai, looks down at his hands, and then sees the dancers staring at him as the song ends.

Emily's house. The doorbell rings. Emily asks Marina to get the door. Another new maid, see. It's Lorelai, and she wants to ask Emily's opinion on veils. Emily says that Lorelai is capable of making that decision on her own. Lorelai drops the veils and sighs. She apologizes. Without looking up from her letter, Emily says, "All right. You're sorry." Lorelai says she doesn't know how to tell Emily things. Lorelai sits down and talks, but Emily never looks up from her paper. Lorelai says they don't communicate very well: "When something good happens to me, I'm just afraid you're going to make me feel bad about it. And when something bad happens to me, I'm afraid you'll say, 'I told you so.'" She says that she's to blame for this circle, and she knows that; she thinks Emily doesn't know that her words affect Lorelai, but they do. She didn't want to feel bad about the engagement, so she waited to tell Emily, but she didn't mean to hurt Emily's feelings. Lorelai says that she'll go now, and let Emily get back to her letter. Lorelai stands up to leave. "Your head is much too big for a veil," Emily spits. Lorelai turns back around in the silence. "You might consider a tiara," Emily tells her. "A tiara?" Lorelai asks. Emily says, "That's what I wore." Lorelai has this look like, "That's the cutest thing you've ever said." They share an understanding look. Lorelai says she'll take that advice into consideration. Lorelai leaves and Emily looks off as we fade to black.

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