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Panic and Freak-Outs

Rory opens the door to go do some charity work, oblivious to the real trauma occurring at Lane's house, only to find Lane standing in her doorway holding boxes. Rory tells Lane that she's building houses today, and Lane swears she won't take too long. She's brought Rory all of her contraband stuff, like CDs and cool clothes that she knows her mother will confiscate while she's in Korea. Rory says she'll treat the stuff like it's her own. And since she doesn't care that Lane's never coming back, I imagine she'll have no problem acting like the stuff is her own, and pretending she never knew Lane anyway. Lane hands Rory the Lane Kim Retrieval Kit. It contains a map of her cousin's house, a picture of her now, and a mock-up of her in six months. "You've lost some weight," Rory jokes. Lane hands her the name of her American Consulate contact, and several key Korean phrases written phonetically, like, "Have you seen this girl?" and "Help." Rory asks whether there's a return date yet. Lane says there isn't, and that her parents bought her a winter coat. Rory asks when Lane leaves. Lane says that she leaves right after Lorelai's wedding party. Rory shushes her, and they both listen for the squeal of Lorelai. Lane apologizes and asks whether Lorelai might have heard them. Rory says that Lorelai would certainly start grilling them with questions if she heard them so that she wouldn't risk clashing with the party décor. Lane says she has to go. Rory asks whether Lane called Henry. Lane says she did. He likes her. He's perfect. She'll never see him again. She tells Rory she can read all about it in her autobiography: A Connecticut Yankee in Pusan. Lane leaves, and Rory still hasn't done a thing to make her feel better. If they just said that Lane went through this every year or something, I wouldn't feel like Rory's abandoning her, but this really doesn't seem like something Rory would do. Lane usually comes pretty high on Rory's list of priorities.

CuteDean walks up just as Rory leaves to go build houses. She tells him she has to go build a house. He asks again where she's going. She says she's serious, and that CuteDean can go in the house and continue the Rory's Building A House routine with Lorelai until they get bored and move on to Who's On First?. CuteDean asks Rory how long she's going to be gone. Rory says that this will probably take all day. CuteDean wanted to see a movie or get something to eat. He offers to watch her browse in a bookstore for six or seven hours. Rory says that she has to do this today, and can't blow it off. CuteDean asks whether he mentioned the bookstore for six or seven hours. Rory asks if they can get together tonight instead. They can get pizza and CuteDean can watch Rory order books off, which might be just as thrilling. But with more kissing, I'm guessing. CuteDean sighs and says, "Deal." Rory runs off.

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