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Independence Inn. Sookie is asking Michel's opinion on some cookies. Michel doesn't feel like giving an opinion. Why are there suddenly so many people working behind the front desk? Where's Drella? Michel says that he's working and doesn't want to pick a cookie. Sookie says it's really important to have the right cookie for the party. Michel says that if he eats something with that amount of calories, he won't be able to have his Boca Burger later. Lorelai walks in asking for coffee. Sookie hides the cookies behind her back and says she forgot to make coffee. Lorelai goes to do it, and Sookie tries to stop her, saying she'll make the coffee. She tries to keep Lorelai from going into the kitchen, but Lorelai walks in anyway.

The kitchen is filled with wedding foods for the party. Someone has shelled out major cash for Sookie's party. Who foots this bill? The Inn? Sookie? Lorelai? Lorelai is deeply touched and teary seeing all of the pretty cookies and food all over the kitchen. She asks whether there's any pink icing left in the state. Lorelai says it's amazing. Sookie has made ice sculptures as well. She says the party is tonight, and that she was lying when she said she had a baseball game to go to. Lorelai asks whether Sookie called her mother about the party. Sookie said she was torn, but figured Lorelai would want her parents there. Sookie keeps talking faster than any fingers can type, saying that Lorelai found out about the party from her mother and she thought she told Emily it was a surprise but she might not have told her and it would have been just like her to forget to tell Emily something that important. Ow. I'm done with that sentence. Take a breath. Sookie asks whether Lorelai's parents are coming. Lorelai says her parents are busy. Sookie says she'll save them a piece of cake. "That would be nice," Lorelai says.

Stars Hollow sure knows how to throw a party. The entire place is covered in lights and party favors and music. There are three hundred presents behind Max and Lorelai, who sit in thrones. Now, if the wedding is in three months, what kind of presents did they get, here? Kirk walks through the party with a megaphone, announcing that the buffet line is clogging in Sector B. There are so many people living in Stars Hollow now, and they're all sitting at tables together, eating food and listening to music. Others are dancing. It's very casual. Rory wears another horrible dress, this time with blue paisleys, and hands Lane a CD. "Hey, Mr. DJ. Put a record on," she tells Lane, adding that everything sounds great, but that she might want to ease off on playing any more of The Damned. Lane asks what time it is. It's eight. Lane's flight's at ten. "Have I told you how much I'm going to miss you?" Rory asks. Uh, no, Rory. Not really. Lane tells Rory that she has to write to her every day with positive reinforcement. Rory says she'll tie yellow ribbons around old oak trees. Lane says she'll be back for the wedding as long as Lorelai doesn't change the date. Rory says that won't be a problem because Max is teaching a summer course at the University of Toronto (hello, shout-out) and won't be back until the summer's over. Look how in two sentences they just got rid of Lane and Max for what is supposed to be the entire summer. Does next week start the end of summer, since it's still, like, June in Stars Hollow? Why is it still June? And when did Lane find out she'd be back in time for Lorelai's wedding? How does she know that? Is she just getting flown in for the wedding?

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