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Once in the kitchen, Rory starts giggling over the whole Kirk thing. Lorelai says that it's not funny, it's bad. Since Kirk works at every business in town, there's no way she's going to be able to avoid him forever. They pour Rice Krispies and marshmallows into a huge bowl. They eat from the same bowl of not-good-for-you as they discuss, for a long time, Rory's "swearing-in" ceremony today, swearing Rory into Chilton student council. It's at 3 PM, and Rory says it about seven hundred times. Rory tells Lorelai that Emily is coming to the ceremony. She found out about it and called and now she's coming. She's Rory's grandmother and she deserves to be able to go (since she pays for the school). Rory points out that they'll just be listening to the ceremony and will hardly have to talk at all. "Hey, we are family," Rory says. "Yeah, well, look how good that worked out for Sister Sledge," Lorelai says with her mouth full. Rory leaves to take a shower. Lorelai says she's leaving for work, but she'll see Rory at three. Lorelai shakes Rory by the arms and says, "There goes my little vice-president, off to rule the world." Rory says that Paris will be ruling the world; she'll just be holding the keys. Lorelai says she's still proud of her. "Honey, you have power, brains. Now all you need is a dimwitted, drunken or drug-addicted relative to constantly humiliate you while you serve in office." Rory tells Lorelai to work on that for her. "Two steps ahead o' ya," she answers.

Chilton. Rory waits in a crowded hallway. Lorelai barrels down the hallway screeching, "Time?" It's 3:01, and Lorelai is blaming traffic lights. But see, it doesn't actually start until 3:15. Rory just told Lorelai it was at 3 PM so that Lorelai would be on time. I do this with many a flaky friend. It's a good system. Rory ushers Lorelai into the room, telling her that Emily isn't there yet. Emily knew the actual time it started because she can be trusted to arrive on time. Rory gives Lorelai a seat near the front and tells her to use her purse to save a seat for Emily. Lorelai tells Rory that she loves Rory and thinks she's the greatest kid in the world; she reminds Rory to keep her knees closed, since she's in a skirt. Lorelai tells a little story about some girl back in school who didn't, who was like an ad campaign for Hanes. Lorelai then does a little business where she picks up her purse, sees her alternative to Emily, puts her purse back in the seat, thinks it over and picks up her purse, thinks it over and goes to put the purse back just as Emily shows up. As Emily sits, she scolds Lorelai for not saving her a seat with her purse. I love that they only have like, three outfits for Emily.

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