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Luke's. Luke asks what the hell Lorelai's doing there. Lorelai says she came for the warmth. Luke asks if she's meeting Kirk for lunch. Lorelai can't believe Luke knows about Kirk. Luke says that Kirk came to him for advice, since Luke knows Lorelai so well, and so Luke commences all teasing: "When he found out you had wood floors, he seemed very pleased. I told him you liked movies and junk food and, of course, talking incessantly, but we both agreed there's nothing like some good loving to shut a person up, if you know what I mean." Lorelai asks for a sharper fork, since the one she has might not penetrate Luke's hand. Luke grabs the fork and says he knows it's too new to talk about and that Lorelai's probably worried Luke'll jinx it, but he just has to say, "seeing that guy's face when he was talking about you? He almost had an expression." Lorelai tells Luke to go far, far away from her. As Luke walks away singing "Love Is in the Air," Lorelai tosses her spoon at Luke's back. Emily, of course, sees this, and asks why Lorelai is flinging cutlery in a public eatery. Emily apologizes for being late, saying there was traffic, and adds that if she had been on time perhaps, there'd still be the possibility of soup. Lorelai says she hasn't been waiting that long; she still has a knife.

Emily takes a seat, but not before wiping it down with a handkerchief. She says the window affords a nice view of the entire town, and that it must be fun to sit at Luke's and people-watch. She opens the menu and asks if the Caesar Salad is good. Lorelai says it probably is, but that she's never had it. More chit-chat about the preparation of the food at the diner, whether or not the eggs are coddled, and what salad would be better than another until Lorelai says this is all a little confusing for her. They never get together for lunch, and especially not in Stars Hollow at Luke's. Luke walks over to take the order. When Emily asks how his Caesar dressing is prepared, Luke says he'll have to check with Paul Newman to find out. Emily orders the Cobb salad and an iced tea. Lorelai gets the usual. He asks if she wants pie today. Lorelai says, "No thanks." Luke teases her about trying to look good for the big day. Lorelai tells him to check the frying oil with his face. Emily asks what that was all about. Lorelai says it was just a little "small-town charm," and asks why Emily asked her to lunch. Emily says she wanted to spend some time with her daughter. "Mom," Lorelai says, knowing that's not the honest answer. Emily says that sometimes Rory will stop by after school, so they see her alone, but never Lorelai. When they're all together, even when Rory tries to leave the room, Lorelai will go with her. "Is this really a me and you lunch, no hidden agenda?" Lorelai asks. "Of course not," Emily answers. "Okay, fine," Lorelai says. Emily tells Lorelai that she talked to Christopher. She called him last week, and they talked for a very long time: "He is not in love with that woman. He never came out and said it but I could tell from his voice. He would much rather be with you and Rory." Lorelai is mortified that her mother called her ex-boyfriend to discuss their relationship. "I think you need to talk to him," Emily says. She thinks that all Christopher needs is to hear Lorelai say that she wants this, too. Lorelai says that Emily shouldn't have called Christopher. Emily says that someone had to, and that she wasn't going to just sit by and watch this situation explode. "You two belong together," she says. She says it took years for Lorelai to figure this out, and now that she's got it, she can't just let it go away because of a little complication. Lorelai says that Sherri's pregnancy is more than a little complication. "Women have gotten pregnant since the beginning of time, Lorelai," Emily drones. Hee. She says that Sherri is just trying to trap Christopher, and that Lorelai can't let that happen. Lorelai says that this is none of Emily's business. Emily says it affects Lorelai and Rory, and that they are both her business. Lorelai warns Emily not to get involved: "Butt out. Don't call Christopher and talk about me or us. Just stay out of it." She gets up to leave. Emily tells her not to walk out on her. Lorelai says she's not going to discuss this with her now or ever and she knows that Emily's not going to respect her about this, so Emily might as well tell Christopher that Lorelai said hello. Emily says that a family like this doesn't just happen; you have to work for it, fight for it. Lorelai leaves Luke's with a slamming of the door.

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