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"Ees that a rhetorical ques-ti-on?" Michel snidely asks some guests checking into the Dragonfly. The dad begs his pardon, and Michel clarifies: "You said 'who doesn't love the Spring Fling Festival?' and I'm askeeeng..." Lorelai swiftly interrupts: "Because we just can't imagine anyone who doesn't love it!" She tells the guests, the Sinclairs, that she's so happy to have them back in town for the festival. In fact, the Sinclairs tell her, they've been dreaming of the Fling all winter -- especially when little Timmy (or whatever his name is) got his tongue stuck to the swing set during a freeze. "He did," the mom confides. "I had to get out my hair dryer and extension cord and melt the poor thing free."

They are blessedly interrupted by Rory, calling from the train on her return from Providence. "Ewww," Michel says, turning up his nose. He has, he says, always found trains dirty, and train tracks reminiscent of slug trails. Rory is saved when Lorelai is able to take the phone. "So," Rory says, indicating her chat with Michel, "it's Spring Fling time again, huh?" Lorelai: "Oh, yeah, when a young man's fancy turns to being... totally rude." But enough about Michel, she says, she wants to hear everything about the interview. "I want to hear everything. You walked in the door; I want to hear what kind of door. You sat in a chair; I want to hear what kind of chair. Go!" Very excitedly, Rory describes her experience -- the interview went exceptionally well, and she is proud and excited that she was able to just be herself and forget about impressing the editor. "But there you were," Lorelai says, "impressing her!" It's so sweet -- Rory's so happy and excited and feeling like a grownup. I remember that. And then I remember, about two hours into my first day on my first job, thinking: "aw, damn." Lorelai is thrilled to hear that Rory wants to come home for the Spring Fling, but the thrill is tempered when Rory says she wants to bring Logan. She quickly covers, though, and they joke about Rory bringing a guy home -- which is weird, right? I mean, surely we're not to believe Logan has never been to Stars Hollow in all this time? They live together for goodness' sake. Over the phone, Lorelai hears the conductor announce the next stop. "Listen to you, on the train," she says, all wistful. "I know," Rory trills. "I'm in my suit; I'm reading the paper." Lorelai: "Coming back from your job interview...Wow, I am impressed. Seriously, I'm impressed." Aw. Moms rule. They hang up, and Rory goes back to her paper, barely containing a smile.

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