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The next day, she and Logan arrive at the CrapShack...where there's this weird nervous vibe as if Logan has never been there before. And maybe he hasn't -- although I call that strange -- but the two of them have now been living together for two years. And he's met her entire family and even had Lorelai and Luke stay at his vacation home. So what I'm asking is: what gives? In any case, here he is, orchids in hand, acting overly impressed with the CS foyer. "What do you mean 'wow'?" Rory laughs. "When you walk into your parents' foyer, there is a genuine-article Magritte sitting right there, and a chandelier the size of a Volkswagen." Yeah, he says, but this house is where Rory Gilmore grew up: "The Rory Gilmore." Lorelai comes running down to greet them, and Logan nervously presents her with the fancy, fancy orchids. He compliments her on the house, calling it "charming." "Thank you," she says. "I never know what to say when somebody says that. You don't want to agree, but on the other hand, it seems weird to disagree with your guests and say 'no, it's a dump,' but thank you." Aw, the CS gets a bad rap. I would love to live there. Rory checks her cell phone for the first of many times in this episode, hoping to hear from the ProJo editor about the job. "I'm sure she's just busy at work," Lorelai says, adding that she herself needs to hurry to the Inn, "because Michel's mental state is very precarious today."

Still acting kind of antsy that Logan is in her house, Lorelai goes into a spiel about stuff to do around Stars Hollow. "Mom," Rory finally interrupts her. Lorelai: "What? You've lived here before?" Rory says that yeah, she thinks she remembers enough to show Logan around. "This is the town with the Sistine Chapel, right?" Lorelai says yes, that's right, and to be sure not to forget to show him the pyramids, which are kitty-cornered to the Wailing Wall. They all laugh nervously, and Lorelai shows them how she's made up the trundle bed in Rory's room and put out some guest towels (code, she admits, for "towels that are clean"). My mother occasionally watches this show, and I am sure that when this scene came on, she had to stand up, walk slowly to the kitchen, and decide whether she would put her head in the freezer or the oven -- because woe unto us all when society starts accepting that unmarried people of any age can start sharing a bed in the parental home, even if they live together and would rather die the death of a thousand cuts than have relations under that roof.

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