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Babette screeches and warbles to Rory from her front porch. She waddles over to Rory. Rory asks if everything is okay. I guess Rory just got home from school, because she's in uniform. What day could it possibly be? Lane's at a music store, Lorelai's working for her father, and Rory just got home from school? Babette asks to see Rory's injured arm. "Oh, you poor little thing," she coos. She asks how Rory's doing. Where's Morey? Babette says that Rory's just gone through so much lately, and that it's hard being a woman. You've got your morals and standards and common sense until you meet that one dirty wolf who just throws all of those things out the window. Rory tries to correct Babette, but Babette's on a roll to the effect that there's always a bad boy out there who tries to corrupt the good girl, and how we women are only so strong. "I was in a cult once, did I tell you that?" she asks. She met a gorgeous, tan guy. They had coffee, he gave her a pamphlet, and the next thing she knew, she was at the airport wearing a muumuu, jumping up and down, and playing the tambourine. Rory says she really has to go now. Babette tells Rory to take good care of herself and not to be too embarrassed, since this has happened to all of us.

An exhausted Rory walks into the empty house and calls out for her mom. She plays the answering machine and hears a message Lorelai left to the effect that she's going to be late helping Richard, and that Rory should order pizza and pay for it with the money under the rabbi. Rory lifts a plastic rabbi toy and grabs money. The rabbi begins playing "Hava Nagila" and dances in place. Rory walks into the kitchen and grabs an apple juice. She stares at her cast. The phone rings. It makes the rabbi dance again. Rory answers. It's Lane, saying she's found her calling. Lane is in her front yard, holding a pair of drumsticks, excited that she's found her purpose in life. She's going to be a drummer. She says she had to go into that music store today, and that once she saw the drum set, she couldn't breathe. Rory asks how Lane's going to do this: how will she buy a drum set, and how will she play it? Lane says she doesn't know any of these things, but that she'll figure them out because she must play the drums. She's Keith Moon. She's Neil Peart. She's the drummer from Def Leppard with and without the arm. She is rock and roll. She whispers to Rory that she'll call her later, hides the drumsticks in a planter, and joins her family for prayer choir practice. Lane smiles from behind her hymnal.

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