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In the hallway, Lorelai asks what the hell that was all about. Rory shouts that she's sick of being treated like a mindless idiot who was led around by a guy. But weren't you, Rory? Weren't you? Because otherwise you were a bad girlfriend and you seem unable to fess up to one or the other. Rory says that the entire town is refusing to believe that she was responsible for what happened. Lorelai asks whether she was driving the car. Since Rory wasn't, she's not as responsible for what happened. Rory asks whether it would be the same situation if CuteDean had been driving. Lorelai says that it wouldn't have happened in that case, because CuteDean is more responsible than Jess. Rory says that Lorelai doesn't know that Jess wasn't driving responsibly. "Hi, it's Jess," Lorelai says. Rory says she forgot that Jess is the anti-Christ. I can hear Wing Chun all the way in Toronto screaming, "Word!" ["There were more swears in what I was screaming, actually." -- Wing Chun] Lorelai says she knows that Rory thinks Jess is a cool, keen, friend, but that he's really a punk-ass bitch who shouldn't be messing with decent people. He's out of control and angry and has no respect for anybody. Rory asks if Lorelai's going to blame Jess no matter what Rory says. Lorelai says she will, because that's her choice. Lorelai hates Jess, and she gets to because her daughter came home broken, so she gets to hate the guy that broke her. That's how it works: "He's gone! I win! You are wearing a cast and I get to hate him forever!" Rory and Lorelai scream the word "Fine!" at each other a few times. Then it's very quiet. Lorelai says she's pretty sure the entire party is listening through glasses against the wall. Rory says she doesn't think they need glasses. Lorelai comments that she and Rory can be pretty loud when they want to be. Rory says they're never going to agree about this. Lorelai says that Rory has to understand. Rory says that she does, and that she doesn't want to fight about this anymore. Rory wants to go home. Her wrist hurts, she's grumpy, and she made an idiot of herself. Lorelai says she'll tell Emily they're leaving, and then drive Rory home. Rory says it's early enough that she can catch a bus, and that she'd like to be alone for a little while. She says she'll see Lorelai at home.

Carole King's closing up shop, but Lane's still inside staring at the drum set like it's a nursery window. Carole King tells Lane that it's after 6 PM. Lane asks for five more minutes. She tells Carole King that she wants to go to New York someday. She asks if Carole King liked it there, and asks what it was like. Carole King asks Lane's name. She says it's nice to meet her, but that she doesn't want to get entangled in a conversation and forget that she wants to go home right now. Lane says that she has to have those drums, but that she can't afford them. Even if she had the money, she couldn't take them home because her mother would never stop crying. She says she has a proposal: Carole King lets her come and practice twice a week, Mondays and Wednesdays at 6 PM. In exchange, Lane will do things around the shop -- clean or do inventory. She says she can even teach Carole King Korean. Being bilingual is a good thing, she argues. Lane pleads and begs to rock until Carole King gives in. Carole King asks why Lane wants to come on Wednesdays and Fridays. Lane explains that MamaLane has Bible study on those days. Lane sits at the drums and asks if she can hit them this time. Lane screams, "A-one, two, three, four!" and beats the drums haphazardly. Carole King says she'll be in the back in case the cops come. Lane asks her to turn off the lights just in case her mother walks by the shop. Carole King turns out the lights and Lane plays the drums in the dark. ["How is Carole King going to sell the drums once Lane has played the hell out of them?" -- Wing Chun]

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