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Rory and Lorelai have found another diner, and this one makes Lorelai grumpy. She complains that they should have to stand and wait to be seated when nobody has helped them and there are fifty empty tables around. Rory says that Lorelai is exaggerating. "One, two, three, four, fifty," Lorelai counts. Rory says someone will help them soon. Lorelai moans that they should be eating by now, and that she's hungry. They're at The Hungry Diner; Lorelai wonders if they call it that because the diner was hungry or because they keep the diner hungry. How long do they give themselves in the morning? I'd never expect them to get up so early. Lorelai calls the waitresses "paper-top turkey heads." Why does everyone on this show mistreat waitstaff, butlers, and housekeepers? Except Paris.

Before Lorelai can finish her threat, a waitress walks over to seat them. Rory tries to goad Lorelai into finishing her threat, but Lorelai says she has no idea what Rory's talking about. Then she says she's not Rory's mother. The waitress asks if Lorelai and Rory would like some coffee. "To start and finish," Lorelai says. The waitress laughs at Lorelai's joke because she's ultra-perky. She walks away, and Lorelai tells Rory that she's going to grab the waitress, hold her down, and make Rory tell the waitress ugly things about the world. Lorelai complains about the menus, and how they have pictures of food on them in case you've been living in a cave for so long that you've forgotten what pancakes look like. The waitress brings over two cups for coffee, and Lorelai instantly starts complaining that the coffee cups aren't big enough and that she'll need a larger mug, a carafe, or a bowl of coffee. The waitress says they don't have coffee bowls, so Lorelai tells her to bring three more coffee cups and to leave the coffee pot on the table. Sense of entitlement through the roof, here. I can't believe Rory doesn't get embarrassed when Lorelai acts out like this. As Rory sips her coffee, Lorelai says that it looks and smells like coffee. Rory whines that the comparison ends right there. "This sucks!" Lorelai moans. Maybe you shouldn't have told Luke to go to hell. Or here's a thought: make your own breakfast. Rory tells Lorelai to put lots of things in the coffee so that you can't taste the coffee anymore. Lorelai says she can't fit three sugars into Barbie's Malibu Dream Cup. Lorelai moans and throws her head far enough to the side that she can see Michel is the only other patron in the restaurant. She excuses herself to go bug someone else.

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