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I can't believe Michel would eat at a diner for breakfast, or that he'd eat all by himself in this Holiday Inn Diner-looking place. Lorelai teases him for reading GQ. He asks what she's doing there. She tells him that Luke's is closed this morning. "By the health inspector, no doubt," Michel Frenches. Lorelai sits down and says, "So, this is where you have your breakfast, huh?" Michel says it was until this morning. Lorelai asks how the food is. Michel says they make an excellent egg-white/no oil omelette. "Really?" Lorelai asks. Michel doesn't take a breath as he tells her that they use a spray and asks her to leave. Lorelai asks why he never told her about this place. He says that she would come if he did, and that he likes to have a corner of his life free from her incessant screeching. Lorelai grabs a fork from another table and asks if she can have a bite of his food. "Get away from me," he says, standing up. Lorelai asks him to come and eat with her and Rory. "You'd like that, wouldn't you?" Michel asks. Lorelai: "No, not really." Michel storms off and Lorelai stands, beaming. Her work there is done, and all of the customers are gone. She didn't even try his omelette, since it's no fun if he's done eating it.

Returning to their table, Lorelai tells Rory she's beginning to like this place. Rory asks a favor: can Lorelai get her out of dinner tonight? CuteDean's coming home, and Rory hasn't told him about the car yet. So, he's coming home on a Friday? So the movie night was on a Thursday? And the car crash/tutoring session was on a Wednesday? Rory says she can't risk someone else telling CuteDean about what happened. I can't believe she hasn't already called him. She was in the hospital. She fractured her wrist. She totaled his car. He should know what's going on by now. Lorelai says she'll do it. She wants Rory to make things right with CuteDean. Also, it'll give Lorelai more time to work on her story about Rory's cast when Emily and Richard ask Lorelai about it. Right now, all she's got is "really big bees," so it's good that she'll have this extra time to come up with something.

Friday-night dinner. Emily asks Lorelai if Rory's got that flu that's going around. Lorelai says she must, yes, indeed, have it. Emily's friend Bunny's got it. Emily wonders if she should take a drink in to Richard in his study, since she hates to disturb him while he's working. Lorelai asks what he's doing. Emily says that he just started his own company; he rented out an office, and Richard is now President and C.E.O. of The Gilmore Group, an international insurance-consulting firm. Lorelai asks exactly what that means. Emily explains that Richard is an international insurance consultant. Lorelai asks exactly what that means. Emily says that Richard consults on international matters concerning insurance. Lorelai asks what Richard does once he sits down at his desk in the morning. Emily says that Richard consults international clients on insurance matters. Lorelai wonders why they aren't opening for Rickles. ["Third base!" -- Wing Chun]

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