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Bookstore. Jess is walking around in a The Distillers t-shirt, reminding me that I mistakenly shortened the band name to "Distiller" last week, because that's what it sounded like Rory had said. Jess flips through books, and an extra walks past the camera holding her bag at an awkward angle, obviously so that we can read the name of the bookstore. I think it's SWB. Neverwood enters, furious that he had to go into so many bookstores to find Jess. Hey, Neverwood. Quit yelling in the bookstore, you douche. Neverwood tells Jess to come outside. Jess puts his jacket on again as he walks out.

Outside, Neverwood asks Jess if he's in trouble with the cops. Jess says he isn't. Neverwood wonders why Jess just showed up. Jess says he did the same thing in Stars Hollow. Yelling, yelling, yelling. Neverwood admits that he pussed out and couldn't talk to Jess when he finally saw him. Jess seems to understand that. He says he came to see Neverwood and thought maybe he could crash with him for a little while. Neverwood can't believe that Sasha's always right. Neverwood goes off on a Sasha tangent until he and Jess start repeating the same two lines to each other over and over about how Jess can't stay there. Jess is a grown-up. Just get your GED, get a job, and find your own place, if the rest of the world is so lame, Jess. Grow the fuck up. Who paid for your bus to Cali? ["Yeah, I thought the whole point of him working full-time at Wal-Mart was so that he could save a bunch of money and move out on Luke, anyway, before Neverwood was ever in the picture. He doesn't even have a car anymore; what did he spend all that money on? It sure as hell wasn't prom tickets or presents for Rory." -- Wing Chun] Neverwood says he's not a father and never was, which was why he left Jess in the first place. He says he can't take Jess in and raise him. Jess says he's already raised and doesn't need a father: "I don't need a daddy! I just need a place to crash!" Oh, the episode, it's down to a D. What a shit line. Neverwood says he's a screw-up, and Jess says the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. Neverwood tells Jess he's great and young. Jess asks to stay a month. Neverwood: "Are you listening to me? I have nothing to offer you. NOTHING!" Jess: "You have nothing? I HAVE NOTHING!" Hee. Jess totally Stallones out here. Jess screams that he's got nobody and nothing, that he's not graduating high school, but he's headed down a shitty path right now, so anything's better than where he is right now before he ends up being the guy on the Boardwalk selling hemp hats. "I have one of those," Neverwood says. "It's a good hat." I don't remember any of this. Maybe I had fallen asleep. Or maybe I was so happy watching the last few seconds of Jess on my screen that I couldn't hear a badly written word they were saying. Neverwood sits on a bench that happens to be right under him and says he'll talk it over with Sasha. Jess tells him to tell her that he's just another dog. Neverwood suggests that Jess lick himself. So do I. Jess thanks Neverwood. Neverwood says it's up to Sasha, but that it may not work out. They decide, "We'll see."

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