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Jess wanders through the living room, looking at photographs and knick knacks: "Clowns, cats, dogs: I wonder where his tap shoes are." Jess is full of the non sequiturs today, isn't he?

The "important" strummy music starts up when Jess sees Neverwood's "real" room, filled with LPs and books. It's also filled with photographs of old hot dog stands. The music comes to a quick halt when Jess opens a cupboard and finds a girl in there, reading a book with a flashlight. Jess jumps back and shouts. Sasha pops her head in to say that she couldn't get a hold of Neverwood. The girl in the cupboard is named "Lil." Sasha talks to her like she's not very bright. Lil whispers to Jess to close the cupboard door. He does, apologizing.

Chilton. Louisa cannot believe that jean jackets are out. She just found out from Fraulein, who looked it up in Marie Clare. Louisa feels "helpless." Rory thanks them for passing out the yearbooks for her. She asks if they need help bringing the boxes in. The girls have already found some big, strong men to do it for them. The girls admire the big, strong men until Rory gets a phone call. It's Emily, scolding Rory for not calling her back sooner. She reminds Rory that she won't be around forever. Rory apologizes over and over. Emily asks what Rory's friends' grandmothers are wearing to graduation. Rory asks Louisa, who answers, "Hopefully, the pearls I'll get when she kicks." Rory tells Emily she'll be right over. Rory calls Lorelai on her cell to say she's going over to Emily's. Lorelai directs Rory over to where she's sitting at the Booster table. They speak from across the room into their phones. Lorelai asks Rory to come keep her company. Rory doesn't want to enter the room because she'll have to sign yearbooks, and she's worried that Paris will put her to work. Isn't Lorelai violating Max's restraining order by being at Chilton? Lorelai tells Rory she has to stand up to Paris now that she's going to college. But then Paris walks up and asks Lorelai what she's doing. Lorelai's immediately stammering excuses, saying her phone rang so she answered it. "Your hair is really shiny," she says. Paris says they aren't set up and nothing's in order. "Where's the list?" she asks. Lorelai thinks it's in her purse, so Paris congratulates Lorelai for finding the perfect place to keep the list. Lorelai tells Paris again that her hair is really shiny. Paris asks if Lorelai has seen Rory. Lorelai says she hasn't. Paris says she'll go look outside. Lorelai and I both say to Rory at the same time, "Run. Run. Run!" The episode's back up to a B. Rory asks Lorelai to pick her up in an hour. Lorelai hangs up and prays that she didn't forget the list.

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