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Wedding. It hasn't started yet, even though this looks like the reception and not before the wedding at all. It's because people are just milling around willy-nilly, like everything's over and happy. A big ol' pile of presents. Bad pictures of Jackson and Sookie are everywhere. Michel stops by a flirty couple and says, "The linen closet's the third door on the right." I did have to put on closed captioning to figure that one out. At one point, my mom tried to tell me that he was talking about lobster thermidor. You figure that one out. Morey's playing a piano. Babette and Miss Patty are singing show tunes. Like I said, this appears to be a reception and not the pre-show of a wedding in the slightest. Poor Lane -- she has to just sort of tap drumsticks on the side of a piano even though she can't keep a beat yet. CuteDean walks up, and for some reason this is the first time he's seen Rory today. Why isn't she -- the bridesmaid -- helping Sookie get ready? CuteDean asks how many cocktails preceded the piano hour. Rory tells him that they're stone sober, but that once they start drinking, she'll have to hide him so he's safe.

CuteDean's cell phone rings. Maybe you should put that on vibrate before the sacred ceremony starts? I don't understand these people. Anyway, it's Paris on the phone. She's trapped back in time to when people were still at Chilton adding up the votes, because I know a roomful of students and teachers didn't come to school on a Sunday morning, and even if they did, why would Paris come to Chilton in her uniform on a Sunday when none of those other kids are wearing uniforms? Why am I trying to make logic out of this? ["To be fair, she wasn't in her uniform -- just a dorky non-uniform blazer." -- Wing Chun] Paris tells CuteDean she needs to talk to Rory. Paris tells Rory that they got the band's votes, so they're surely going to win now. Band was the wild card. She says she didn't know if they'd get it because if there was anybody that'd be scared of her it'd be "some artsy loser with a tuba wrapped around his head." Heh. Rory asks how Paris got CuteDean's cell phone number. Paris: "Relax, I won't call you on Prince William's precious phone again." She just wanted to celebrate their victory. Rory hands CuteDean his phone and says she thinks she won the election. CuteDean's instantly all, "Well, there goes our summer." Rory says that nothing has been decided yet, and that she'll figure it out later. Lorelai walks over and gives Rory a hug. I guess nobody's helping Sookie out. Lorelai shows off the booze she's slugging, bragging that it's the best thing about being a grown-up. People! The ceremony hasn't even started yet! How was I to know that the wedding didn't already happen? I would have had no idea except that I've already seen the end of this episode. Lorelai tells CuteDean that he cleans up nicely. She says they'll have to hide him from Miss Patty and Babette. Rory says she already told him. Lorelai excuses herself.

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