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Sookie tells Lorelai and Rory that someone cancelled at the last minute (rude), and now she has two extra seats left. She asks Rory if there's anyone else she wants to invite. Rory says she's already got Lane (Jess, please) and Dean (who she wishes was Jess), so she doesn't need another invite, since she has no other friends. Sookie's thinking of offering them to Richard and Emily. What? She's just now getting around to inviting Emily? The woman who helped Sookie plan her wedding for weeks on end, giving her suggestions and discounts and calling Bora Bora? I can't believe she never even thought of inviting Emily earlier than this. What about the lady that owns the Inn? How about her? Sookie says if it weren't for Emily, she never would have settled on the color pink. She wanted yellow, but Emily said no. Ha. Sookie asks Lorelai to ask Emily. Uh, couldn't Sookie ask Emily? You know, with a "thank you" and stuff? Sookie plays the song again, saying it gets happier the second time you hear it. Sookie dances as Rory and Lorelai pout. Finally, the opening credits.

Emily's living room. I guess it's Friday. Lorelai snorts and tells Rory that she just realized "oy" is the funniest word in the entire world. She says you never hear the word "oy" and not smile. She says it's a very funny word. "Oh, dear God," Emily says as she hands Rory a glass of something. Lorelai continues and says that "poodle" is also a very funny word. Emily begs Lorelai to finish her drink. Lorelai doesn't, and says that if you put both words in the same sentence, you'd have a great new catchphrase. "Oy, with the poodles, already," she tries out. Rory forces a giggle. Emily rolls her eyes with the rest of us. Lorelai declares that they have to say their new catchphrase when the situation arises, and that it will knock "Whatchoo talkin' bout, Willis?" right out of first place. Emily asks Lorelai to be quiet. The newest maid tells Emily that dinner is ready. Inga is her name. Emily tells Inga to alert Richard that dinner is ready.

As they walk to the dining room, Lorelai asks Emily if she and Richard would like to come to Sookie's wedding. Lorelai tells Emily that it's going to be small and wonderful, since Sookie is catering, and that she and Rory will be walking down the aisle in two of the least offensive bridesmaids dresses (since Lorelai made Sookie let her pick them out). Emily says it sounds nice, and asks when the wedding takes place. "A week from Sunday," Lorelai says. Emily is insulted that she's been given a "pity invite." She knows that someone must have cancelled at the last minute, and now she and Richard are placeholders. Chair warmers. Lorelai lies and says that's not what happened. Emily says there's no reason she should have been invited with the first batch of actual wanted guests. Lorelai says that Sookie really wants Emily to come. Emily asks for her invitation: "She must have at least given you an invitation to give us." Lorelai strains that it would be "more special" if Lorelai asked Emily instead. Emily never loses the painful smile on her face as she notes that Sookie was also out of invitations: "I never felt so special." Lorelai tells her there's no reason to be insulted, since Sookie really wants Emily to be there. Emily says she's probably lucky that she didn't just get a call from the road as they were on their way to the ceremony. Lorelai asks Emily not to make a big deal out of this. Emily asks if she still has a choice between fish and chicken, or if at this point she just has to bring a bag lunch: "Perhaps she would also like us to pick up some extra ice along the way." Ha. "Or help out parking the cars." Emily must have been to some of the weddings I've attended. I've sewn, folded, called limos, picked up trash, cleared floors, put out chairs, babysat, and ushered people around. Lorelai tries to create a distraction by pointing out how pretty Rory is. Richard enters and apologizes for being late. Lorelai tells him they were just discussing how pretty Rory is. She makes Rory give Richard the big eyes/baby face look. Richard tells Rory that she gets lovelier every day. Emily informs Richard that they're invited to Sookie's wedding. She tells him the date of the wedding. Richard is instantly disappointed that they've been offered pity invites. "Ha," Emily says to Lorelai. And all together now for Lorelai's line: "Oy, with the poodles, already." Should have come much later.

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