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The closed captioning is telling me that this is Ella Fitzgerald singing. I can't believe Sookie kind of got her way. The song is playing. Jackson is in a kilt. Strangers are all around. No shit, the person performing the ceremony is wearing a t-shirt under a robe. What a crappy wedding.

Rory runs up to the gazebo at the last possible moment. Lorelai stands there, stunned.

Lorelai: Your dad screwed us over again.
Rory: I screwed CuteDean over one more time.
Lorelai: I make the worst choices in men.
Rory: Oh, me too.
Lorelai: I keep sabotaging my future so it's always just you and me.
Rory: Yeah, I'm planning on failing out next year so I can't possibly go all the way to Harvard. I'll just go to Yale like everyone wants so I can still live here.
Lorelai: Good, because I'm lonely.
Rory: And slutty.
Lorelai: You too.
Rory: I know.

(Actual dialogue: Rory: "I think I'm going to Washington." Lorelai: "Oh. Okay.") They walk down the "aisle" together as the song anvils into us, "I can't get started with you." Lorelai appears to have lent her Chupah. Did you know Sookie or Jackson was Jewish? Me neither.

See ya next year, Gilmore Girls. I hope next time you can pull it together a bit and not make it so off-and-on snoozy. Or lame. Just let Amy handle it all by herself, okay? Or something. I don't know. Watch last season again and take notes. Please.

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