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Lorelai and Christopher pass total strangers and walk out on the candlelit porch where I'm very concerned a fire is going to start any minute from all the open flames. "Wow," Christopher says. "I hope the second act's as good as the first one." What is he talking about? Lorelai says it's a wedding and things are supposed to be horrible. Christopher: "When Jackson came out holding that kilt? Man, I felt for him." What? Did an entire scene get cut that we didn't see? Because I don't think Jackson and Sookie were having that conversation anywhere near Christopher. ["I thought Lorelai and Christopher were just around the corner, totally eavesdropping because they're kind of assholes." -- Wing Chun] Lorelai says she also felt for Jackson. Christopher says he knows she didn't, because he saw her face and he could tell she was trying to figure out how many Brigadoon references she could make in a row. Lauren Graham acts offended as she makes sure her right boobie didn't just fall out of that flimsy top. Then she admits she thought of twelve. Christopher asks her to take pictures at the wedding because he feels it's going to be a classic. He's not coming to the wedding, either? He wasn't invited when thirty strangers inside were? Lorelai didn't invite him as her date? Lorelai says that if he's going to "be in town for the day," he should just come with them to the wedding. Does he pass Stars Hollow every Friday for something? Or Sunday, or whenever this wedding is? Is it not tomorrow? ["No, apparently it's not." -- Wing Chun] Christopher puts his jacket around Lorelai's shoulders even though she didn't say she was cold. She thanks him. He says he'll come to the wedding. "Just like that?" she asks. He adds that he'll come if Sookie doesn't mind. Screw Jackson. Lorelai asks Christopher what's going on with him -- why he can just agree to come to the wedding. "Because I can," he says. She asks if he has to check his appointment book. He says it's on Sunday, so he's free. Lorelai asks if he has to check with Sherri. Long stall later, he admits that he and Sherri aren't exactly together right now. They haven't been getting along, and she's on a business trip taking some space for them to figure things out. He tells Lorelai that he's figured he needs to start looking for an apartment. Lorelai says it's so weird, since the last time she saw the two of them, they were nauseating. Christopher admits they even grossed himself out every once in a while. Lorelai says she doesn't know what to say. Christopher says it's nobody's fault, it just isn't "it." She asks if he's okay. He says he is. She says that he'll come with her to the wedding. Christopher says it'll be his pleasure.

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