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Sidekick In The Pants

Chris carries Lorelai into her house, while Rory goes to make coffee. "Just prop her up," Rory calls to her dad, who has put Lorelai on the couch. "She hates to get pillow face." Rory is interrupted from her coffee wrangling by a phone call from Colin. Logan's been badly hurt, and is being airlifted to a hospital in New York. Chris tells her to go, saying that he'll take care of Lorelai. "All right, Calamity Jane," he says, lifting her over his shoulder and weirdly referencing the other show I recap for this site, "let's get you to bed." Lorelai protests, but Chris drags her up anyway...

...and in the next scene, we see a sleeping Lorelai rouse herself in the very early morning hours to take a call from Luke. She mumbles, trying to get her bearings, and pulls up short when she sees Christopher there. He's slept in a chair by her bed all night. "Yeah," Lorelai tells Luke, giving Chris a sad little wave as he leaves. "The wedding was great; she looked beautiful."

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