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"No! Jess! What About PROM?!"

Rory promises that she and Jess can leave after the band's set. She jokingly tries to call him "Grampa" and "grumpy," but he gives her a warning "Rory." Kyle yells at everyone for dropping chips on the floor. We watch Rory and Jess stare. Rory is smiling; Jess isn't. Again, I'm so happy I won't have to keep typing those same words anymore. Before Jess gets his own short-lived spinoff, I just want to make sure you guys understand why I don't like him. It'd be fine if anyone ever called attention to how awful he is to people, and how shitty a boyfriend he is, but everyone just excuses it all the time, saying he's troubled, or whatever. They don't even excuse it. They just ignore it. And those of you who don't care how he acts because you think he's cute? Don't you think that's insulting, for you to take his character however they draw it because you think Milo's an attractive guy? Wouldn't you rather he was also a well-written character? Or at least if they're going to make him this troubled, then address the important teen issues it brings up, like bad kids and getting in trouble. Or address work versus school, getting bumped around between parents, or codependent teen relationships. It doesn't have to be cheesy. But it could happen. That's what they could have done with this. Rory could admit that she picked Yale for Jess, and someone could call her out on that. They aren't talking about how she did it for Lorelai, either, and how she picked Yale to satisfy everyone else in Stars Hollow except herself. This show stays so perpetually happy that it appears the producers just ignore the truth. And then it's not quaint. It's sad. I'm off my Stars Hollow Soapbox. But I hope next season Taylor gets to have a boyfriend whom he makes Vice-President of every single one of his committees.

Later, at the party, Kyle carries around napkins. Rory and Jess walk up to Lindsay and CuteDean. Rory asks Lindsay what she thought of Lane's band. Lindsay says she liked them, even though she didn't recognize most of the songs. She looks at CuteDean to make sure that's okay. CuteDean apologetically tells Rory that Lindsay's not a "music freak" like Rory is. Um, wasn't Rory stumbling on "#1 with a bullet" just five minutes ago? And also: watch it, CuteDean. Rory says that not everyone has to be a freak. "True," CuteDean says. Rory asks what music Lindsay likes. Lindsay says she likes Michelle Branch and Matchbox 20 (I refuse to write it out like "twenty" how they do now, as if that makes them more legit). Jess just flat-out horks a nauseated noise right in front of Lindsay. What an asshole. It's awkward as CuteDean tries not to punch Jess, Rory does nothing, and Lindsay thinks, "Why do we always have to hang out with his precious ex-girlfriend and her asshole boyfriend? I hate them so much." Rory says that she likes all kinds of music. Uh, thanks, Rory. Lindsay tells Jess that he used to go to her school. Rory says he still does. CuteDean says he hasn't seen Jess around. Jess asks if he's the attendance monitor. Ooh, burn. Jess says he's going to see "what the hell's" holding up some line we can't see. He pouts off. Rory: "He's not feeling well." Oh, and did a door hit you, Rory? "That's too bad," Lindsay says, feeling more than just a bit superior to Rory. Mr. and Mrs. Tall excuse themselves and walk away.

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