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"No! Jess! What About PROM?!"

Sookie asks what Rory thinks about all of this (awkward transitional sentence). Lorelai says that she told Rory that she and Max kissed, but now that Max is teaching Rory at Chilton again and Lorelai's having some kind of relationship with him, she thinks it's best to not mention...what? Him ignoring her five minutes ago? Anyway, Lorelai thinks she won't mention this to Rory, in order not to stress Rory out during finals. I'm sure Rory would lose hours of sleep. Sookie asks Lorelai if she wants to get back together with Max. Lorelai smiles and says she doesn't know what she's feeling or looking for these days: "I hate that! Because it's so wishy-washy! But it's true! I mean, technically? I'm still seeing Alex." Oh, lord. "Hi, Sookie. How's your baby coming along? Can I come with you to a doctor's appointment? My parents are really upset with me concerning a large sum of money and I'm not sure if they want to talk to me ever again. Rory's making big decisions about college and sex. My Inn suffered major fire damage. Oh, who'm I kidding? Boys, boys, BOYZZZ!" Lorelai wishes she knew how Max felt about all of this; then she could know how she felt about all of it. Yes, that's some good logic. Also, maybe you should CALL HIM and not expect him to confess emotion in front of...never mind. Lorelai, taking a tip from The Rules, compares this experience to ordering food at a seafood restaurant. Once she knows what her date wants, then she can order her own food, because she doesn't want to get the same thing he gets, and she doesn't want him to think that she's a hog if she orders both surf and turf. The girls decide that they're more hungry than interested in discussing this further. Me too. Sookie asks if there's really an Alex. "Stop," Lorelai says. Then we watch them enter a restaurant we've never seen before.

Freddy "Boom Boom" Washington's holding court, and Jess is the latest defendant on the stand. Jess says he was just trying to buy his Prom tickets when they told him he had to go to the Principal's office instead. Boom Boom is very interested in seeing Jess, and asks him to sit down. Boom Boom says he wouldn't have taken Jess as someone who wanted to go to the Prom. Jess pouts that his girlfriend wants to go. Like Stars Hollow hasn't already named Rory Prom Queen. Boom Boom says it's too bad, because Jess has flunked out and now he can't go to Prom. The tickets are for graduating seniors only, so Jess can't go. Jess says he's just a little behind, and that he can catch up "no sweat." Boom Boom says Jess has missed too many classes -- thirty-one days, when the cut-off is twenty. Jess is all, "So that's it? Just like that." Boom Boom says that it's not "just like that" since he sent home repeated letters and tried to set up several meetings with guidance counselors to keep Jess in school. Jess says he'll make it up in summer school, so he should at least be able to go to Prom. Boom Boom is yelling at Jess that he's wasted everyone's time and now he'll have to repeat the grade. Jess would rather quit, and promptly does. Boom Boom's all, "Smell you later, Flunky." I'll miss you, Boom Boom Washington.

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