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Man, once. Once I had a boy stand up to my parents to try and make me feel better. He did it in this underhanded way where I knew he was standing up to my parents but I don't think that they did. Therefore he was smart. He made me feel like I had a hero while they thought their daughter was seeing a smart boy. But the boyfriend I had that my mother didn't like? He never stood a chance. He disliked her for disliking him, and it spiraled out of control until my mother answered the phone one evening when he called, and she told him that I didn't want to see him anymore. After fixing that, he became even weirder to me and eventually I didn't want to see him anymore. I'd like to thank him, however, for making every single boy in my life afterwards seem to my mother like The Golden Perfect Boy Specimen. It's been much easier to bring boys home after that.

CuteDean and Rory are outside the house. CuteDean asks Rory to thank her mother for him. She apologizes for it being weird. He said he had a good time. They kiss. More kissing. Oh, such a nice kiss. He raises his eyebrows. "Thank you," he smiles. He laughs a small laugh and leaves the porch.

Rory lays down on the bed next to Lorelai. Lorelai asks if she humiliated her. Rory asks what she said to CuteDean while she was in the bathroom. "That you're pretty," Lorelai smiles. "Liar," Rory smiles back. Rory stands up to go to bed. She asks Lorelai what's wrong. Lorelai eventually stammers out that she wished Rory had told her about the kiss. Rory apologizes. Lorelai says she's not mad, she just wanted to hear about it. She says she's fine and she's sorry for moping. Rory starts to go but turns around and says it's a little late, but...Lorelai sits up and says, "Start at the beginning. If you leave anything out, you die." Rory sits down and giggles through the beginning of the story. Lorelai interrupts to say the bug spray aisle is a good aisle. Rory says she knows, and that's what Lane said, and they talk and giggle as we fade out.

Next week is the repeat of the pilot episode. And even though my Thanksgiving dinner table will be full, my heart will be just a bit empty without Rory and Lorelai's laughter filling my holiday evening.

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