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Rory walks in for a quick chat with Lorelai before she goes back out to the pumpkin patch. Lorelai tries to get Rory to talk about the kiss, but Rory's not doing it. Lorelai tells her what's been happening on General Hospital and how two characters have kissed. She asks Rory what she thinks about the kiss. Rory says she thinks they're actors playing a part. Lorelai tries to get Rory just to talk about it, but Rory cuts her off and says she needs to get back to Lane. She runs out. Luke drops off the check and says he's not going to say how Lorelai looks concerned. She says she's not going to say how good he'd look dressed as one of the guys from The Crucible. This show talks quickly. My fingers hurt.

Lorelai walks over to the grocery and sneaks in. She stands by the product-placement packages of Iams and wanders over to the cans of coffee. She stands by some Apple Jacks and watches CuteDean put things into a bag until Luke scares her by saying hello behind her. Lorelai tells Luke that CuteDean kissed Rory and now she's watching him. She calls him smug and dislikes the way he throws lemons into a bag. "They're lemons," Luke says. "They're symbolic," Lorelai growls. "That Lothario has wormed his way into my daughter's heart and her mouth and for that he must die!" Luke tells Lorelai she needs to leave the store. He says she can't kill CuteDean on double-coupon day. He pushes her out of the store. Luke reminds Lorelai that Rory is growing up and there's nothing she can do about it. Lorelai whines that she can't figure out why Rory didn't tell her. She says that CuteDean looks like Christopher and that's sort of creepy. Luke says it's not too surprising that Rory would pick someone similar to a guy that Lorelai would be interested in. Lorelai says they tell each other everything. Luke stresses that this is different because it's about boys. Lorelai says that they have to talk about this because she and her mom wouldn't talk about something like this so she's got to talk about this even though she's not really okay with Rory being interested in boys. She wants Rory to think that she thinks this is all great. Those sentences look like they aren't sentences and that they make no sense, but with the rapid-fire dialogue this show has, that's really the only way I can tell you what's happening. It was like that. Fast and quick and monotonous.

Back at the house Lorelai checks outside the window for Rory. She runs back to the couch to look casual as Rory walks in and apologizes for being late.

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