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CuteDean is opening the pizza, saying that he's happy with their choice. They all begin eating.

Pizza fade to show time passing. The three are on the floor. Lorelai asks who needs more pizza. Rory says she does. "Wow. You can eat," CuteDean says inappropriately. "Yes, I can," Rory smiles back. She then asks if that's supposed to be a bad thing, like perhaps she's not supposed to eat. CuteDean says he likes girls that eat, and that most girls don't. Rory asks if they could not talk about her eating habits anymore. This is something that I'll have to call bullshit on right here. If this is the first boy Rory's crushed on, there's no way she'd have touched one slice of pizza. Entirely too nervous. She might suck on a Red Vine or something, but the thought of eating, or perhaps getting sauce on her chin or that cheese string from the floor to her mouth would be way to potentially embarrassing to even attempt. She'd be on a strict liquid diet out of fear. Lorelai begins gushing over the Oompa-Loompas. Rory teases her about dreaming of marrying an Oompa-Loompa. Lorelai says that at least she likes things that are "live," whereas Rory has an unhealthy obsession with Prince Charming, because he's a cartoon. Rory stammers that she likes the Sleeping Beauty Prince Charming, and not the Cinderella Prince Charming. CuteDean cuts in to say, "Because he can dance." See? He knows. He understands. CuteDean is CutePerfect. Although I'm still not liking this hair they have on him this week. It's showing his squinty eyes that I hadn't noticed before. Now I'm picking out flaws on CuteDean. What's wrong with me? He says he understands because he has sisters. Lorelai asks for some embarrassing childhood stories from CuteDean. He says he doesn't have any. Rory says she bets she knows one. "The theme from Ice Castles makes you cry." He says that's not true. Lorelai tries to guess another: "Um, at the end of The Way We Were, you wanted Robert Redford to dump his wife and kid for Barbra Streisand." CuteDean says he's never seen The Way We Were. The Gilmores are shocked. They declare the next movie night for The Way We Were. Lorelai gets up to get some popcorn. CuteDean asks when "The Outsider" gets to choose a movie for Movie Night. Rory says it depends on what movie he was considering. CuteDean offers Boogie Nights. Now there's a movie you want to watch with your new girlfriend and her mother. Great job, CuteDean. Maybe Sookie can come over, too, and afterwards all three will ask you if you're anywhere close to Dirk Diggler's abilities. Rory explains that Lorelai hated Magnolia so much that they probably can't watch any more PTA movies. They watch the Oompa-Loompas a bit longer. Lorelai looks in through the door and sees Rory and CuteDean sharing a moment. She walks back into the kitchen and sits down to read a catalog.

Time passes. CuteDean hands Rory a pillow to make her more comfortable on the floor. She watches him watch the television. Ooh, I know that stare. She's just sitting there staring, watching his face. Watching him watch television. Burning the image of his forehead, nose, and chin into her brain so later on she can replay this scene but change the ending so that he turns to her and declares his love. Or turns to her and asks her to run away with him. Or turns to her and tells her she's beautiful. Or turns to her and says she's much prettier than Beth. Or turns to her and says that he can't imagine life before he met her. Or turns to her and hands her his mother's ring, the one he's been wanting to give to someone, but he hadn't met the right woman until now. I know that stare well. ["Uh, guilty as well." --niki] She stares until he begins to turn towards her. Then she looks back at the television. CuteDean watches Rory watching television. "Hey," he says. He could say anything right now. He's staring at her, smiling. One knee is up and wiggling back and forth. He's looking at her. His hair is over one eye. He's looking at her. "Hey," he said, starting a world of possibilities. "I'll be right back," Rory and I say and run from the room before HeyBoy gets a chance to ruin the perfect evening. Just in case he was going to finish "Hey" with, "You've still got some pizza cheese on your chin."

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