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Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peaceth

Ren Faire wedding. Lorelai sits next to Luke and tells him everything's fine. Fairies. Flowers. I don't know who Leslie Van Houten is, so I miss a joke. ["She was in the Manson family; there will probably be more about her in our Mondo Extra on Helter Skelter, coming soon!" -- Wing Chun] Cartwheels. Silliness. T.J. and his tights. Everyone wants a groom to walk in talking about his balls, don't they? He thanks Luke for keeping his pits dry. Liz arrives on a carriage. "Oh, I want one of those," Lorelai says. You have one. Luke. Liz walks up to T.J., who is busy telling his brother that his bride looks hot. "Smokin'," the brother DeLuise agrees. Liz kisses Jess on the cheek and he walks away, rubbing his face. Lorelai asks where the minister is. The farmer's market proprietor and second-place troubadour strums up singing this song about how as kids we shared our toys, Parcheesi, chess and Risk, and now love is the greatest toy to share. I always wanted a Spirograph. Luke is about to lose it, and squeaks out a "Help!" Lorelai is also about to lose it, and tries to think of terrible, horrible things so they don't guffaw through the ceremony. "Can't," Luke says quickly. Hee. This is not unlike during Omar G's recent wedding ceremony, when Stee tried to crack me, Wing and Glark up by pointing out the hymnal in the book that read "Behold the Wood." Uh, yeah. We're assholes. But this means that Omar G gets to do the same thing when Stee and I have our ceremony soon. Yes, girls and boys, if you made it this far in the recap your "reward" is the announcement that Stee and I are getting hitched. I'm totally engaged. And maybe we can have our ceremony in Stars Hollow, because that's about what we can afford -- a fictional wedding in a fake cardboard town. Liz tells T.J. that her heart pours out to him. He's good to her and for her. T.J.'s all, "I love ya" because his tights don't have pockets. And that's what we call this crazy game called love.

Lane opens her door. MamaLane thanks her for having her. She gives Lane multi-grain soy pudding. Lane invites her in and introduces her to (mf) Todd Lowe and Brian, who are currently dressed like John Cusack's friends in Sixteen Candles. They are a sweaty kind of nervous, and MamaLane is shocked, disturbed, and horrified to find out that Lane is living with boys. The boys leave to get MamaLane a cup of uncomfy tea. Lane gives MamaLane a tour. MamaLane runs out of the house.

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Gilmore Girls




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