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I've been recapping this episode my entire life. I think I might have missed my wedding to Stee.

At the reception, one of Carrie's friends realizes that they have turkey legs. This is odd, given that she watched Luke make them. Lorelai tells Luke she was born four hundred years too late, and that this is how she was meant to be. Right. They didn't have coffeemakers in these days of yore, Lor. MamaLane runs up to Lorelai and says that there were two boys: "One with hair." And boys and broken furniture and dirt and a broken window and boys. And a tiny fridge and guitars and boys. Two boys: "She stood in that room with two boys. I didn't stand alone in a room with two boys until I was...I've never done that. She's dirty," MamaLane says. Lorelai says that Lane isn't dirty; she was trying to be honest with her mother, which is good. She could have hidden the boys, but instead she wanted to be honest with her mom and introduce her to her bandmates and roommates: "I've met those boys. They're innocent. As innocent as if she was living with two girls. So think of them that way." MamaLane says she doesn't like girls either. "You like them better than boys," Lorelai says. MamaLane: "True." Lorelai says that Lane is trying really hard, so she advises MamaLane to think of the boys as two tall, gawky, sometimes unwashed, caring girls who watch out for Lane's safety. MamaLane walks off repeating, "Girls." Lorelai tells Luke that MamaLane will be okay. She points out Jess, who has made a friend.

Jess sits at a table with a man who tells Jess that he learned a lot about life while he was in prison. Dude. Jess is totally going to find that out on his own. Doesn't need your advice.

Luke tells Lorelai that Jess is going to be okay. T.J. walks by again, producing his own ad for tights. Liz calls Lorelai and Luke her two heroes. Luke congratulates her. Liz says that Jess was great. T.J. says it wasn't a hard thing to do, but that Jess "did it great." Jess stands up, and Liz yells at him to say goodbye before he runs off. Jess promises he's just going for more food. Liz and T.J. leave for food, too. Lorelai gossips that she saw Jess's book. She can't stop giggling about the goofy title. "It is bizarre," she says. Luke's defensive, saying that Jess is just trying to improve himself. Lorelai says that those books are idiotic and that she can't believe Luke's not mocking the book with her. Luke stands up and yells at Lorelai that he's trying, and that Jess can read whatever he wants to read. He leaves to get something to drink.

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