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Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peaceth

Lane, (mf)Todd Lowe and Brian are debating the phone bill. Any mysterious locations called are blamed on (mf)Todd Lowe's skanky girlfriends. The doorbell rings. (mf)Todd Lowe asks if doorbells run on electricity, since that would mean they're paying every time someone comes to the door. At the door is Lane's Aunt Jun. Aunt Jun gives an official statement, letting Lane know that her mother would like to arrange a visit. She drops off possible times that MamaLane is available. She hands Lane her mail. "Would you like to come in?" Lane asks. I cannot describe how perfect Aunt Jun's "No" is, but know that it's hysterical.

Rory packs while drinking booze. Emily arrives. Oddly enough, she's not there for her thousands of dollars' worth of furniture and electronics, but rather to introduce Rory to a boy Emily knows. Rory's a little drunk from her booze cup, and slurs her words just a bit. In fact, said boy whispers to Rory that she's got alcohol on her breath. Rory tries to be a bit more careful near Emily's nose. The boy's name is Graham, and Emily pretty much forces him and Rory to spend the evening together. But why wouldn't Rory be going home right now, since she's done with her finals? Where Rory's last boy toy looked like Jess, this one looks like CuteDean -- CuteDean with a proper haircut. I'd like to point out that Graham appears to be judging Rory for drinking booze while packing, and not really all that into her. For some reason, she's not insulted by his calling out her booze breath, and takes him up on an offer to hang out that night with his "buddies." Any guy who refers to his friends as "buddies" is nobody you want to hang out with. ["Ha! That's what I always say! I wish you'd left me a spot there to chime in as to whether that statement is correct. Because it totally is." -- Wing Chun] Anyway, Graham tapes up a box all half-assed and wrong, calling himself a box-taping machine. We hear the sound of a lawnmower for no real reason as Graham offers to give Rory his cell-phone number. She hands him a piece of paper. He asks who Leonard Fleming is. Rory tells him to ignore that. Graham writes his number and leaves, telling Rory to enjoy her lemonade. Forgetting what she was doing in the first place, Rory begins unpacking her box.

Luke can't figure out what's wrong with his shoe polish. Jess tells him that it's old and that's why it's all clumpy. "Shoe polish goes bad?" Luke realizes. T.J. enters, in tights, and asks why Luke doesn't have a full-length mirror. He goes on about how great it is to look at his bottom half, and then goes on for the rest of the episode about how wonderful tights are. Nice wedding outfit, Jess. You always wear your grampa's golf outfit for formal events? Jess tells T.J. to put a shirt on. T.J. asks Jess if he's getting Jess hot. T.J. loves his tights. Jess picks out Luke's tie. T.J. tells Luke he borrowed his deodorant. Jess tosses Luke's deodorant in the trash.

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