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Yale. Harvard. Jess. Dean. Get it? Got it? Good.

Emily follows Lorelai out of the hall. Nothing else to say there, just a good scene. I do think that Richard has a point, even if he went about it all wrong. It makes no sense for Rory to put all of her hopes into Harvard when she hasn't looked at any other options. She should make sure that's the school that stands out even when she's offered other opportunities. Otherwise, it's like if she married CuteDean on their first anniversary. She'd never know if there was something out there that would have made her the guy she'll date after Jess...whose name just might be CuteDean. See? CuteDean is Harvard. Jess is Yale.

Emily begs Lorelai to get off her cell phone and talk to her. Lorelai keeps calling Information, asking for a cab number, hanging up, forgetting the number, and calling again. Lorelai asks if Emily cares that Richard lied to her, too. "That is between me and your father," Emily answers. "Great, whatever," Lorelai says, trying to remember the number. Emily asks her to calm down and look at the situation from Richard's point of view. He's a very strong-willed man: "You know this, Lorelai. You take after him." She says he only wants the best for Rory. Lorelai hangs up her phone and says it doesn't really matter what he thinks. It's about what Lorelai thinks and what Rory thinks. Well, he did pay for Rory's schooling up to now. He should have some sort of influence, if not input, right? Emily says there's no harm in Rory's taking a meeting at Yale, adding that if Yale wanted Rory, it would only make her more attractive to Harvard. Lorelai tells Emily to stop making excuses for Richard. Emily asks Lorelai not to turn this into another crusade against Lorelai's childhood. She says Lorelai needs to let it go and realize that Richard's intentions were honorable. Lorelai says that sometimes she sits around and wonders why she has such a crappy relationship with Richard, and then he pulls a stunt like this and it all comes crashing back to her. Emily sing-songs, "Fine, Lorelai. Your father's a demon. He's cruel and out to destroy your happiness." She adds: "But think about this. You're fighting so hard to send Rory off to Harvard, no matter what, that you haven't even stopped for one second to consider that if she went to Yale she could live at home. Consider that on your cab ride." Lorelai walks off, still calling a cab.

Rory finishes her meeting. She and the dean make small talk about a book Rory has recommended, telling him that despite the Oprah seal on the cover, it's still a really good book. The dean compliments Richard on such a fine specimen of a granddaughter. When will Rory stop putting her hands inside her sweaters, hunching over and mumbling? It makes her look like she hates herself so much. ["I said that before she went in; Yale will never accept a girl with posture that terrible." -- Wing Chun] The dean shakes Rory's hand, then Richard's hand, and leaves. Richard tells Rory it sounded like the meeting went very well. Rory is upset. "Why did you make this appointment without telling me about it?" she asks. Richard says he knows that this interview upset her mother, but that it was an important opportunity. Rory says she knows it was an important opportunity, and that she would have taken the interview if he'd just asked her to do it; that way she would have had time to prepare. She could have come in there with her transcripts and letters of recommendation, brushed her hair, and not worn jeans. She would have been calm and collected, and not so nervous that she forgot her major when the dean asked. Richard says that none of this matters. "It matters to me," she says. "I like to be prepared. This has nothing to do with Mom." She says she would have taken the meeting if he had asked her, and she would have done it right. Lorelai walks up and announces that the cab is meeting them at the gate. Rory leaves. She says goodbye to Emily. "Goodbye, Rory," she says. "Don't you even look at me," Emily snits to Richard as she walks past him.

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