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Yale. Harvard. Jess. Dean. Get it? Got it? Good.

Lorelai and Rory get out of the cab, a bag of tacos in Lorelai's hand. Lorelai comments that the cab ride cost all of Rory's tuition. They small-talk over never saying the word "college" again, and whether or not saying "college" is like saying "collage." Rory says she should have listened to Lorelai about today. Lorelai says even she didn't see this coming.

Once inside Luke's, Rory says she can't believe she had a meeting at Yale today, and she really can't believe that the only name that popped into her head when he asked for her role model was Gloria Estefan. Lorelai notes that Rory isn't so good under pressure. They're very happy with their tacos from Hector's, though. Luke's not so happy about it, when he walks up with two coffee cups and finds the girls pulling food out of a bag. Lorelai offers Luke some tacos, but he points out that they're currently in a building where he makes food to sell to people who come less prepared to his establishment. He tells them at least to order coffee. Lorelai decides that coffee and tacos sound just disgusting enough to work.

Jess walks up and says hi. Rory says hi back. Luke has my favorite line here: "Please. I'll finish it. Hi, hi, hi, hi." Jess says he has to run out and get a part for his car. Luke tells him to get a receipt this time. Jess says he'll be back. Lorelai asks Luke what the record is for most tacos eaten in a diner that doesn't sell tacos, because if it's less than five, she's about to win. Rory excuses herself to go study, her untouched tacos still wrapped at her place, her sweater still on her chair, dust balls and skid marks in her place. Luke sits down and tells Lorelai that he had a talk with Jess earlier, in the course of which he made some strict rules and now those kids know there won't be any time for them to be alone unsupervised. Lorelai points out that they're alone right now. They used "kid code" to say "Meet me at the previously discussed location." Luke freaks out at the thought of Jess and Rory alone together somewhere. He can't believe that Lorelai let this happen. "I thought you were against this!" he shouts. Lorelai says she thought Luke was all, "This is so great and Rory's gonna change Jess." "What, is she a miracle worker?" Luke asks. "Come on, Lorelai. Wake up. The guy's trouble." He tells Cesar to watch the place while he's gone hunting for them. Lorelai can't believe he's going to roam the streets. Luke can't believe Lorelai isn't going to, and still considers herself a concerned mother. Lorelai offers to let Luke sniff Rory's sweater so he can track her scent. "The things you find amusing astound me sometimes," he says. Luke does grab Rory's sweater, but it's only to return it, because it's cold outside.

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