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Yale. Harvard. Jess. Dean. Get it? Got it? Good.

Lorelai brings Rory some Ovaltine and warns her not to study so hard that she goes mad, grows a big brain and tries to take over the universe, since Lorelai needs to go shoe shopping this weekend. Rory promises not to go mad until Lorelai gets some boots. Lorelai starts to leave, but asks how the rest of the night went. Rory says it was eventful. Lorelai starts to go again, but Rory promises to tell her all the details tomorrow. Lorelai is relieved, saying that these things keep her from sleeping, making her worry that she shouldn't have left her alone that first day in kindergarten. Rory reminds Lorelai that she was fine that first day; it was Lorelai who didn't want to leave. Lorelai says that this is just another example of how she invents crazy reasons for Rory to hold out on her when she holds out on her. They kiss goodnight. Rory takes a sip and goes back to studying.

In bed, Rory turns off the light and sits in the dark. She turns it back on again, grabs a Yale pamphlet, and tries to figure out how she's going to date two boys at once who both live in Stars Hollow, while she still lives with her codependent mother and take eighteen hours of credit, all in one season.

In the next room, Lorelai reads the Yale pamphlet, too, figuring out with a ruler how many miles each building is from her front doorstep, calculating how many miles of apron string she'll need to buy at the fabric store tomorrow.

Next week: Boys, boys, boys!

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