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Yale. Harvard. Jess. Dean. Get it? Got it? Good.

Jess enters, rubbing sleep from his eye. Isn't it, like, 5? Jess and Rory stare at each other. Luke helpfully says, "Hey, Jess! Look who's here? Rory!" Rory and Jess say hi to each other. Luke says it's time for them to add another word. He asks Jess if he wants something to eat. Jess says he's not hungry. Rory says she's not hungry either. She asks for the cheeseburger to go. She says she prefers burgers after they've been sitting around for a while. "Lets them age," she says. "Right," Luke says, and then leaves. After another pause, Jess says intentionally and obviously, "You know, I've got that book upstairs." Rory shoots a scared look in Luke's direction and says just as obviously, "Oh, the book we talked about!" Jess says, "We could go upstairs and look at it." Rory agrees that they could go upstairs and look at the book. They decide to go upstairs and look at the book. Luke's all slack-jawed, watching them go upstairs, not even being slightly worried about how Jess has sex with girls and Rory's a virgin.

Upstairs. Jess and Rory walk around the room uncomfortably, not knowing where to put their hands. "So, here we are," Jess says. "Yep, here we are," Rory agrees. Someone hose these kids down so they know how to talk to each other. Put a boyfriend in the room so they'll kiss. They make small talk about how the room is now bigger since Jess and Luke ripped that wall down and remodeled. Rory points at a bed and says, "That part over there." "That's mine," Jess quickly says. He moves quickly to the fridge and asks if she wants a soda. Rory says she's fine, leaving Jess with nothing to do. Isn't it strange that they have a fridge when they live above a kitchen? Jess and Rory touch the backs of chairs, unable to talk or look at each other. Jess asks if she's sure she doesn't want a soda. Rory says she's sure. Jess begs her to let him get her a soda. He wants to do something other than stand there like a moron. Rory tells him to take comfort in the fact that he's not doing it alone. He asks to regroup. Rory agrees. Jess thinks that they should try to stand within a foot of each other. Rory agrees. Jess and Rory take a couple of steps closer, until Rory decides they're about a foot apart. "Oh! That school of yours is really paying off," Jess says. Rory asks what they do now. This is the furthest Rory's ever gone with a boy, after all. She says they either need to get a little closer, or they need to warm up. Jess stands closer and takes each of her hands in his. They say hi to each other again. Just as their lips touch, Luke opens the door with so much gusto that the draft throws Jess across the room and Rory spins in place. Luke says he's got Rory's burger. Rory quickly takes it and thanks him. He says he also threw in some fries. Rory says that's great, since she loves fries. She stammers, tries to thank Jess for something and then runs away, her feet practically kicking her own ass as she runs.

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Gilmore Girls




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