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Yale. Harvard. Jess. Dean. Get it? Got it? Good.

Lorelai asks Rory where her stuff is. Rory says she put an extra coat by the door. Lorelai pours coffee and says she left a list of things to pack last night. Rory says she thought Lorelai was kidding. "You didn't pack?" Lorelai asks. "Well..." Rory answers. Lorelai gives a huge sigh and runs to Rory's room to pack. She says the way to survive a road trip is to make sure that you're prepared for all eventualities, and that you have anything you might ever need. That way, you'll never get a thirty-minute lecture from Emily on how you should have packed a second swimsuit. Then when the first one has a strap break on a waterslide in an accident even Kreskin couldn't have predicted, you're prepared. Rory doesn't want to bring a bathing suit; it's thirty degrees outside. Lorelai explains that the example was based on a true story, and then tells Rory to find a sweater that matches the skirt Lorelai just pulled out of a drawer. Rory doesn't know when they'd need to change, since they're driving, walking, eating tacos, and then driving again. Lorelai tells Rory to check her list. Rory asks why she needs rain boots. Lorelai doesn't understand why Rory is still questioning her. Rory asks if she really needs a rain hat and an umbrella or will one or the other do. Lorelai just stares. "Forget it," Rory says. "Stupid question."

Lorelai finds Rory's bracelet on the dresser and says, "Oh, wow. I guess this means there really isn't a Dean anymore." Yeah, it's been like, two weeks, Lorelai. She hasn't shed a tear. He's been gone for months, really. Rory: "Yeah, that and it broke in the shower this morning." Now, was she still wearing it for two weeks after they broke up? Because I bet when Jess held her hand, he noticed her bracelet still on. He knows about the bracelet. I'm letting it go. Letting it go. Let it go. Gone. Rory says she would have taken the bracelet off anyway, probably. "Or Jess would have done it for ya," Lorelai says, echoing my sentiments. Rory crosses her arms and sternly asks what that meant. Lorelai stammers that it meant Jess probably wouldn't want Rory wearing her ex-boyfriend's bracelet. "Or that Jess is a thief and he would have stolen it," Rory says. Ooh, that's not what Lorelai meant. That's your own subconscious, Rory. But Lorelai thinks it's interesting that it works on both levels. Rory asks if this is how it's going to be from now on -- Lorelai liking Dean, hating Jess: "Jess will always be the evil guy who mouthed off to you and wrecked my car. And Dean will always be the perfect guy who would come over and change the water bottle." Yes. Yes. Yes. Lorelai moans, "Oh, I forgot about the water bottle!" Lorelai tells Rory that she didn't say anything at all, and that she's trying to be supportive. "Go team," supportive.

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