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Yale. Harvard. Jess. Dean. Get it? Got it? Good.

Rory wants to know how supportive Lorelai's going to be. Like, if she invited Jess over, would he be allowed inside of the house? Lorelai says he can come inside. "Are you going to talk to him?" Rory asks. Lorelai falls over and moans, "Oh, my God!" which would totally be my reaction, too. She promises to match him "grunt for grunt." Rory asks if there was a fire and Lorelai could either save Jess or her shoes, what would she do. "That depends," Lorelai says. "Did he start the fire?" Hee. Lorelai promises again to cut Jess some slack. "Did I like Dean? Yes. Did I worry about you less when you were with Dean? Yes. But I never expected you to be with Dean forever just like I don't expect you to be with Jess forever." Rory: "Oh, so now you're just waiting for the day I'm not with Jess anymore." Lorelai grabs Rory by both shoulders and says she's now looking forward to Emily getting here. Rory smiles, says she was kidding, and thanks Lorelai. "You're annoying, and you're welcome," Lorelai smiles. The doorbell rings. "Let the games begin," Lorelai smiles. You know, the only time my mother and I fought non-stop was the six months I was dating the Boy She Hated. We fought viscously over everything. She thought I was wasting my life, and I thought she was being cold-hearted and hateful. I was sixteen and she was realizing that I was growing up and the two hormonal changes at once started a war in my house that almost destroyed it. I know this show isn't about me, but this is a good way to throw some tension between Rory and Lorelai that's really needed, particularly with Rory going to school next year. The battle for independence. Bring it on, Season Four.

Richard and Emily are beaming at the door, announcing their arrival. Emily asks if they brought an umbrella. "And a rain cap," Rory says. "Excellent!" Emily says. Richard grabs their bags and they're off.

Lorelai is carrying a travel mug of coffee to the car. Emily tells her she can't drink it in the car. Lorelai says she knows, and that she's merely walking the mug to the car. She promises that she won't drink any coffee in the car. She opens the car door, rolls down the window, keeps the mug outside the car while she gets in, and sticks her torso out the window. "Now let's see you drink it," Emily says, amused at her daughter's antics. Lorelai kneels on the seat and sips from the mug. Emily tells Lorelai she's not allowed back into the car until the coffee is gone. The car takes off and Lorelai tries not to fall, throw up, or spill.

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