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Back at the CrapShack, Lorelai is watching a movie when her doorbell rings. It's Logan and, surprise, surprise, he's come there to see her. They chitchat about his recent trip -- that's why he's come to talk to her -- he's been offered a position with an emerging internet company. "That's exciting!" Lorelai says. Logan nods. It is exciting, he says, and he feels like the company has a bright future. Lorelai tells him that he doesn't have to convince her: "I voiced my concerns; you told me your plans; we had pie; I'm cool." Logan says that means a lot to him, but there's more. Taking this job would mean he would move to San Francisco. Lorelai says she's surprised Rory hadn't told her this. "I haven't told her yet," Logan says, all nervous. Lorelai: "'re here...because you want me to tell her for you?" Logan laughs and says no, he just wanted to talk to Lorelai about it first. Lorelai's still not getting it. "Look," Logan says, taking a deep breath. "I love Rory. She means the world to me, and I want her to come with me to California. But not just as my girlfriend, which is why I'm here." In fact, he says, he's there to ask Lorelai's permission -- he wants to ask Rory to marry him. Silence reigns. "Lorelai?" Logan says. "Lorelai?" But she can't answer as a thousand emotions play across her face.

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