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This isn't the last time I'll feel for Rory in this great episode. My husband is working through his comps process for his PhD this week, and our entire household, down to the dog, is hopped up on the stress, running around here like a bunch of loons. I haven't had so many anxiety dreams since I...was about to graduate from college, actually, when I would often dream that I suddenly realized I had enrolled in a class at the beginning of the semester, forgotten to ever attend it, and now would never graduate as a result. I still have those dreams occasionally, and I graduated from college more than a decade ago. ["Ditto." -- Miss Alli] Last night, however, I merely dreamed that my band had a showcase, and that as I walked on stage, I realized I had neglected to learn any of the songs, including, for whatever reason, this one. Y'all. The human brain is a terrible jokester. It is like the Carrot Top of life-sustaining organs.

Rory pulls herself together in time to attend FND, where Grandpa jovially and healthily passes out drinks. He's been following his doctor's orders, eating right and working out. "I can tell you're super ripped under that jacket," Lorelai says. Emily interrupts all the healthy chat to say that she's sorry Logan couldn't join them for dinner, and Rory reports that since his meetings were going so well in California, Logan decided to stay a few extra days. They chat about Rory's upcoming finals until finally Emily is overcome by excitement -- they have a surprise for Rory, they say. They're buying an apartment in New York that would be theirs, but Rory could live in it when she starts her fancy internship at the Times. Rory's face falls. "It's a very generous offer," she says. "But I don't know if I am actually going to be moving to New York after I graduate...I didn't get the internship at The New York Times." Of course, everyone is shocked, unaccustomed as they are to Rory not achieving greatness, but no one is more surprised than Lorelai, who has not heard this news until this moment. Rory tries to downplay the whole thing, saying it isn't a big deal, but no one will allow that. "This is preposterous," Emily says. "Who could be more qualified than you?" Aw. Family pride. Rory again tries to say that it wasn't that important to her, but everyone knows the score and, at her request, they move quickly to the dinner hour.

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