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The next morning, Lorelai strolls into Luke's (again wearing a dress that is slightly too short with boots that are not weather-appropriate, though, let's keep it real, she looks great) and runs into Miss Patty and Babette, who are whispering frantically at each other over a table. Seems they're planning their cabaret act to debut that night at Kacey's. "We're saving our voices," Babette whispers. Lorelai: "I think that ship has sailed!" Brilliant. However, whispering is far worse for your voice than just, say, shutting up. There's a lesson in there somewhere for this entire cast...

Lorelai looks confused. She thought tonight was karaoke night at Kacey's. "It is," Babette says, "so we went over there this morning and signed ourselves up for the first 15 songs." They can't decide whether or not to open with Streisand or Porter, and Lorelai rightly assures them that they can't miss with either one. "You gotta come, hon," Babette says. "It's gonna be fantastic." When Luke comes over to deliver hot water for Miss Patty's tea (also bad for your vocal cords, sorry), Lorelai is momentarily taken aback. He's wearing her hat again! The blue baseball cap! Pulling herself together, she sits at the counter to discuss the upcoming boat trip he has planned with April. They're going up the Maine coast. Lorelai wonders aloud if going on this trip is really a good idea, given the myriad dangers of boating. "Haven't you seen Dead Calm? Open Water? Das Boot?!" Luke rolls his eyes. "Okay, first of all," he says, "I did not purchase a U-boat." She keeps on ribbing him, mentioning Titanic, but he cuts her off, saying April's very excited about the trip. Finally, Lorelai breaks it down for him. "April says she's very excited," she says, "but if I were you, I would plan a couple nights in a hotel so she can wash her hair and order room service." Luke nods. "Okay," he says simply. Also, Lorelai says, he needs to spend as much time as possible on the southern coast of Maine and go to a place called Barnacle Billy's. Though Lorelai is being her traditional pushy self, Luke takes it all in stride and appears grateful, for once, for her advice. Satisfied that she has done her duty for the price of a free donut and coffee, Lorelai heads out to the harmonious strains of Miss Patty and Babette, singing "So Long, Farewell."

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