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Meanwhile, outside, Rory is on the phone with Logan, who is not quite sure when exactly he'll be coming back. When he hears her sad voice, he tells her not to worry about the Reston or her bad final; he has a feeling things will be looking up for her in the next few days. Back inside, she and Lorelai prepare to go shopping. "Nothing I love more than shopping after a huge meal," Rory says, receiving my sympathetic ugh from across the airwaves. As they walk out, something else occurs to her. "Luke," she whispers to her mom, "changed his hat." Lorelai plays the innocent, shrugging, "Did he?"

On the wall, Luke's phone rings. It's April, calling from New Mexico. She's got some news. She's been invited to the Met's Science Camp, a huge honor and a great opportunity. The only thing is, she says, it's right during the boat trip Luke has planned. He is, of course, crushed, but he is happy for her. "It's too good an opportunity for you to pass up," he says. "I am so proud of you, kid." He hangs up, sighing.

Later that night, the joint is jumping at Kacey's as Miss Patty and Babette rock the house. They're making somewhat of a mockery of various classics, but I know those two ladies can sing. As Babette screeches through "Fever," dedicated to her dear Maury, the rest of the townies stare and cheer along with Lorelai and Rory. "Hey," Rory says. "You know what would really put me over the top, spirit-wise? If you sang." Lorelai says sure, yeah, on the way home tonight she'll roll down the windows and belt it out. No, Rory explains, she means if Lorelai sang some karaoke. "Oh, no," Lorelai says, shaking her head. "I'd have to be way more drunk for that." Rory smiles. "Well," she says, "we can arrange that." When the waitress passes, Rory orders "shots," and though we are left to wonder what sorts of shots they are, we must assume they are shots containing booze powerful enough to make Lorelai act a fool up in front of the town. We've seen these nameless "shots" work their magic in the past.

Meanwhile, at the diner, Luke does the books as Zach mops up for the night, still glowing about his tour news. He's megapsyched about all the places they'll be playing, including The Magic Stick, one of Detroit's finest venues. Luke is grouchy from his April letdown, so he's not exactly turning cartwheels about Zach's big trip, especially when Zach begins crowing about how perfectly the schedule is working out with Luke's trip plans. Luke breaks the news -- the trip's off. Immediately, Zach puts his own happiness on the back burner and tries to provide a shoulder for Luke to cry on. Luke, however, refuses to admit his deep and utter flannel-soaking sadness. "I'm sorry," Zach says, "I get it. You're processing." Lane arrives for her free night on the town to go with Zach to Kacey's. "He just got some totally devastating news," Zach stage-whispers in her ear. Luke: "It's not a big deal." Zach: "He's still processing." Lane and Zach both try to get Luke to come along and drown his sorrows. "You guys go ahead," he says. "Maybe I'll catch up."

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