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Lorelai gets her lure in the pool and is very proud of herself. She orders Luke to jump around and be excited about her successes. That's all he ever does, Lorelai. Lorelai says she doesn't want to take the cork off her hook just yet. Luke grabs his pole (Dirty!). Lorelai comments that you need a lot of stuff for fishing. Luke says that normally you don't bring your own lake. He asks again why she's going fishing. Lorelai says that some of her friends are going. Luke immediately asks if Sookie's going fishing, or if maybe Rory's going fishing. Lorelai breaks down and admits that she met a guy and he's outdoorsy. "Oh, just your type," Luke jokes, but Lorelai doesn't get it and says it's not her type, but that "he's nice." Anyway, she says she accidentally got invited to go fishing. Luke says he got it. She apologizes for not telling him. She says she felt stupid getting rooked in. Then she leans in and says really deliberately, "Plus, you don't want to hear about my personal life." As if they've never, ever discussed her personal life before. As if Luke's wasn't the place she went to after every breakup, through every tear, through every frustration. As if Luke isn't the one she knows loves her. Everybody's told her, but she dumped him for Christopher, but she's never apologized or acknowledged it, and I guess she tore down that Chupah when she cleared out the garage. God, Lorelai's so annoying sometimes. There's a moment of silence while Luke pines and Lorelai pretends she doesn't know anything. Luke asks how many dates Lorelai's been on with this guy. Lorelai gushes that he took her on a coffee date already. "Just your type," Luke says. He says he thinks it's great, and asks when they're going fishing. "Sunday morning," Lorelai says. Luke then offers to lend Lorelai one of his poles and a tackle box. That's right, Luke -- give her something that you think will make her think of you while she's fishing. But you know what? She won't think of you for a nanosecond. Lorelai says, "That'll be great," but she doesn't thank him for the offer, nor does she thank him for the lesson. Instead she asks for another favor, and tells Luke to put a cork on his hook. Indeed, Luke. It's probably time to put a cork on your hook, if you know what I'm sayin'. Lorelai watches Luke follow her every order.

Rory is asleep on the kitchen table as Lorelai tells her to make coffee. Rory is mad that Lorelai set her alarm for 5:15 in the morning on a Sunday. Lorelai (accent on the "I") says that Rory's a better alarm clock than a real alarm clock, and that's why she woke her up. Plus she can order Rory to make coffee while she gets dressed. The doorbell rings and Lorelai bitches at Rory for not making her coffee before she had to go on her date.

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