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At the front door, Alex has brought coffee and donuts. "I like you," Lorelai says, and invites Alex in, once again breaking her code that Rory doesn't have to meet a string of her dates. And Rory's in her pajamas. And it's 5 in the morning on a Sunday. Ah, forget it. Rory tries to cover herself up as Lorelai juggles her equipment (Dirty!) and takes the coffee from Alex. She leaves, and Alex tells Rory that he actually got her a spa day, and that the fishing is just an excuse. He tells Rory to go back to bed. You aren't her daddy! Don't tell her what to do! And comb your hair. We watch Alex leave and then watch Rory slowly walk over to the couch and flop down to sleep. That's good television!

Oh, right. The important Korean wedding. MamaLane tells one of her relatives that he looks good and isn't so fat anymore, which reminds me of the stories Anna Beth tells about her mother-in-law. MamaLane stops Lane from carrying water up to the bride. She says that once the bride is in her dress, she must remain standing, and she needs to regulate her water intake. Lane walks over to Dave, who has just arrived. She tells Dave he's not allowed to carry the mental image of her in that dress all week. He says he won't, but then changes his mind when he sees the enormous bow on her back. MamaLane storms up and barks that Lane should be upstairs with the bride. Lane says she's just on her way up, but that Dave needs to know where to set up. MamaLane sits Dave down and warns him about the singer: "Watch her high note. She's a runner." Dave and Lane watch each other from across the room. Lane turns around and walks up the stairs backwards so he can't see her big bow. Then we just watch Dave's back for a while as he turns back around and walks over to where he's going to be sitting during the wedding.

Lane enters with the water. Rory is doing the mystery bride's hair. I'm just going to say it now, because otherwise you'll be wondering the entire scene, but no, the bride doesn't actually speak English, and no, they aren't going to get her to change her mind about the arranged marriage, and no, she isn't going to speak in fractured English about how great America is and that she did the arranged marriage just so she could live here. She's just sitting there quietly, silently, letting Lane and Rory do her hair and makeup. ["And looking morose. It's a very weird, ambiguous scene." -- Wing Chun] Lane can't understand the bride, anyway, because Lane only knows a little Korean, I guess. Rory and Lane pull out the contraband makeup from the floorboard, set a footstool in front of the door, and go to town on the bride. Lane gushes about how great Dave is, and how he's going through a lot of work just to date her. Rory says that Lane is worth it, and that she's really happy for them. Lane says she's really happy for Rory and Jess as well. Rory speaks to two-thirds of us when she says here that it's okay that we don't like Jess, and we aren't all going to like the same things. Rory points out that Lane likes the Smashing Pumpkins, but Rory doesn't. "Well, that's only because you're close-minded and blind," Lane says. Lane admits that she doesn't like Jess. She says she's very protective of Rory. She agrees to give him another chance, and says they should double-date sometime.

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