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Luke enters the diner and tells Jess to shut up. Jess says he didn't say anything. "Well, don't," Luke says. Luke walks away. We watch Jess nod and smile approvingly.

The Korean wedding is in full force, which means, I guess that Taylor's lawyer works on Sundays. Anyway, the wedding happens, and at one point MamaLane frowns and walks over to the bride. She wipes a smudge off her face and sits back down. Crisis averted. The theme of this episode. The couple is wed. They bow toward each other and walk down the aisle to Dave's guitar and a lady singing "Ave Maria." Rory and Lane hug. MamaLane barks out that the reception is at the Elks Lodge and will have two hundred people. "Food goes fast. Let's move!" she says. Rory says she can't believe that's the last time she'll be here for one of those weddings. Okay, we get it; there will be another one in a month for Lane and Dave will run in and take Lane away with him, shouting "(e)LANE! (e)LANE!" Lane asks if Rory's going to the reception. Rory stammers that she was going to go see Jess. Lane would invite Jess to the reception, but Jess isn't "a reception kind of guy." So Lane tells Rory to tell Jess hi, and Rory tells Lane to tell Dave hi, even though she could tell Dave herself because Dave goes places where Lane is because he likes her and puts her needs before his own. So much for friendship. Boys! Boys! Boys! We watch Lane punch her own hand, since she's out of ideas for lines, direction, motivation. She and Dave share a look. MamaLane brings over a boy named Jung Chu and announces that he will be Lane's prom date, and will escort Lane to the reception now. MamaLane reads off the boy's bio and walks away. Lane follows MamaLane, stopping only to say "I'm sure you're very nice" to the boy before running off. The boy and Dave share an awkward, quiet moment where they don't look at each other.

MamaLane kicks people out of her house as Lane says she needs to talk to her. MamaLane tells Lane to get her coat, but Lane says no. She says she can't go to the prom with Jung Chu. Lane explains that she already likes another boy and wants to go to prom with him. She says this is a boy who has been a good friend to the family and has proven himself to be of high moral character and sits in their pew at church. Lane says it's Dave. "The guitar player?" MamaLane asks. Lane says at first she didn't like him either, but the more MamaLane liked him, the more she realized what a great guy he is. Stop lying for one second, Lane. Try not to lie for a moment and see what happens. And a little advice: don't tell your mother you found "the god" in a boy. She might find that to be a little blasphemous. "He's not Korean," MamaLane says, and walks away. Lane pouts.

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