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Dave is still putting away his guitar -- something that seems to take hours -- as Lane walks up and informs Dave that he's not Korean. She leaves with Jung Chu's family. Bye, Dave. We watch Dave stand still for a really long time.

Rory comes home. We watch her take off her coat. Lorelai shouts that she's upstairs in the bathroom. Rory walks through the house and up the stairs. Excitement!

There's a fish in the tub. Rory enters. Lorelai says that the cork fell off her hook and Jayne Mansfield bit it. They skip the decapitation joke. They talk about how pretty the fish is. Rory asks how they're going to take a bath, how the fish will live, and what they will feed it. Lorelai doesn't care; she's got a pretty fish. Lorelai says that the lake was beautiful and then they went to the spa. Rory says that Alex had already told her. "Two dates with this guy and you're already in cahoots with each other," Lorelai says. Quit forcing him on her, Lorelai. Rory asks if they'll go out again. Lorelai says they will. They decide that the fish is already domesticated and that they might just have to keep her. They say good night to the fish and leave. I imagine that fish will be dead on the floor in the morning, when it jumps from the tub in fifteen minutes. To prove my point, the tub makes a splashy noise as we fade to black.

Next week promises to be the schmaltziest thing we've ever seen. And that baby's totally overdue.

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