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Luke's. At first I don't notice what's going on outside the diner, because my house sounds like this all day long. Every house around mine is currently undergoing major reconstruction, so my life sounds like Luke's life right now. In fact, I'll just take it as some kind of shout-out. It's not like they could have written this before I wrote my journal entry about it, but still. It's my life. Luke's frustrations? My frustrations. Except Luke isn't subject to The Whistler during the quieter moments. Anyway, not all about me. Moving on. It's so noisy that Luke's having a hard time taking someone's order. I don't know why my friend Todd Lowe isn't in the opening credits, but he's not listed. Luke storms out of his diner to deal with the noise issue.

Taylor is complaining to the construction guy that he wanted an arch above the door. Taylor's still wearing a cardigan instead of a coat, even though it's supposed to be snowy in Stars Hollow. The construction guy comes with a catchphrase: "Get away from my saw, Taylor." That's his answer to everything. Luke wants to know why Taylor's renovations are spilling out onto the street and aren't inside the building like they're supposed to be. Taylor says there's plenty of room if you turn sideways. Luke threatens to punch Taylor in the nose. Taylor says he has every right to make renovations on the building he's paying "good money" to rent. Luke says that if anyone else in this town pulled a stunt like this in front of the market, Taylor would have them arrested. Taylor says that he has all of the necessary paperwork. He says its been approved by the town magistrate. "You're the town magistrate!" Luke screams. Taylor says, "And as the town magistrate, if you have any problems with me, you may take them up with me." The construction guy enters here to deliver his catchphrase. Taylor asks Luke why he hasn't returned any of his lawyer's calls. Luke says he's not going through any lawyer, and if Taylor wants some papers signed, he'll have to walk them over to Luke himself. Taylor says that business needs to be done properly and legally. Luke says this is a professional lease agreement that he bought at Office Depot. Taylor says that's all the more reason to have a professional take a look at it. Riveting! Taylor says that everybody says, "Good lawyers make good neighbors." Taylor tries to go back to work, but Catchphrase Construction Guy is too busy spouting off his six words. Taylor acts like he could actually get injured by the saw just by standing near it.

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