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Inside the beauty shop, I'm wondering if we'll ever see what happened to Probawhore. The girls look through makeup, chatting about how much MamaLane loves Dave. Lane says that this is all working out so perfectly. Probawhore got the axe, it seems, and Kirk is behind the counter, answering questions about everything. He's painting a hand display with nail polish. He's wearing a sweater vest. I want an invite to Taylor and Kirk's wedding. Lane tells Rory that Dave's playing at the wedding this weekend. Rory says she thought she was the only non-Korean allowed to come to family weddings. Lane says that Rory's been to so many of these weddings she's now an honorary member of the clan. Rory asks the story of the cousin getting married. So, yes. We get some family history. It's a cousin of Lane's named James. He struck out with American women, so they've flown a girl over from Korea. She speaks no English. Rory says the girl will need some sparkles, and grabs a container of powder. Yes, this sounds like a set-up. No, it's not going to be needed. Yes, it's taking up time. No, I'm not sure the point. Maybe this show is trying to be kind of feminist, but it's just doing it completely backwards. Lorelai lies that she likes fishing so she can be with a boy? Lane lies to her mom so she can be with a boy? Lane lets a boy treat her like shit in public so she can be with a boy? She lets him insult her talents? The girls attend an arranged marriage and decide the bride needs some glitter so she doesn't feel so sad? Rory asks, "Can you imagine marrying somebody you didn't know?" Lane: "Are you kidding? Used clothes still skeeve me out a little." Maybe it's all foreshadowing, and in a few weeks we'll have the very special episode: "Lane's Arranged Wedding." Rory compliments Kirk's nail polish display. "It is fun, isn't it?" Kirk asks, and I get my one real laugh this episode. I love Kirk. The girls have bought over forty dollars worth of makeup for someone else's wedding. Lane happens to have that much in cash on her. Kirk includes a few samples and asks the girls to call him and tell him how they like the masque. The girls leave.

We watch them exit the shop and walk out onto the street. Strummy, strummy, la-la music plays. Lane tells Rory that the wedding is at 4 (what day? Where are we? Has a week passed already?), so Rory should come over at 1 to help the bride get ready. Lane says she feels like everything's going her way and she's going to go to prom. "Maybe!" Rory celebrates. We watch the girls walk out of frame.

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