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Rhapsody in Blue

Jess has brought Rory to a hot-dog stand. Oh, how romantic! Rory says it's perfect. Jess orders one with everything on it. Rory asks to make that two. She doesn't make any move to pay for it though, I see. Jess kind of asks if Luke's okay, and Rory kind of tells him that Luke had gone fishing for a stretch. They don't really talk about fishing or Luke. Seven blue shirts walk around them. But see, even though Rory is in blue? Jess is in red. Actually, it would be red except for all the blue light, so he's really in this muted purple. I hope we all get that subtext. He's holding a blue jacket, though, as the guy in the blue shirt and blue apron hands Jess two hot dogs. Rory takes a bite and says it's really good. Rory and Jess just wander across the street, not even looking at the cabbies that are honking at them off-camera. It's such a safe place to cross the street, Manhattan. Don't even need a crosswalk. Jess asks how much time Rory has. Rory says she's got "a bit." He says he'd like to take her to a record store run by this walking encyclopedia guy. "The place is right outta High Fidelity," he says. Rory says, "Let's go." They walk toward the sign that simply reads "Subway." Rory asks why they have to take the subway. Jess says the place is fifteen blocks away. Wow, I think that's being a real pussy, isn't it? All my "New York" friends tell me they walk, like, a bazillion blocks a day. They also like to brag that they can put all of their belongings in a small shoebox, so I don't really know what to believe. Rory asks if they can take hot dogs into the subway and Jess teases her for being an out-of-towner. The song in the background sings that we're in New York City, just in case there was any confusion.

Graduation ceremony set-up. This thing apparently takes all day long. Good thing Lorelai doesn't have a real job. She shows up and sees the sign telling her where to check in.

At the check-in room, Lorelai notices that it's dark. But then it's not dark once you enter the room. There's the guy from The Family Guy standing behind a pile of boxes. He tells Lorelai that she's hours early. She laughs and says she wanted to beat traffic and have time to get ready and relax. She also thought that she might be able to get an unwrinkled, stainless gown this way. Traffic into what town? Aren't the inn and the business school all in Hartford where Emily and Richard live? ["Woman, for the last time, the Independence Inn is in Stars Hollow." -- Wing Chun] The Family Guy tells Lorelai to take her pick of gowns. She beams about how excited she is. She asks if he's excited. He answers that this is his eighth year of doing this. She realizes he might not be as excited. She searches gowns until she hears someone walk by. She looks up. She's pretty sure she just saw Emily walk by. Lorelai stops to ponder the possibility of Emily walking by. She can't just let it go, so she leaves to go investigate.

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