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Of course it's Emily. She's brought a cameraman with her. The guy's got a ton of equipment. Emily's asking if he needs a power source. The guy doesn't think so. Lorelai asks what Emily's doing there and how she knows about this. Emily asks why she shouldn't know about this. She introduces Lorelai to Raul, the videographer. Emily says that Richard will be there later. Lorelai realizes that Rory must have told them. Emily asks if it's okay. Lorelai says she's just surprised. She asks Raul who he is. He says he's Raul. Emily says she just introduced them. Lorelai asks if Rory invited Raul. Emily says that Raul is the cameraman who's going to film the ceremony. She tells Lorelai how Raul showed her his independent film, Welcome to Scabland, as an audition. "It was disgusting but beautifully photographed," Emily tells her. Another out-of-character moment, but I don't really care. Raul says it was supposed to be disgusting. Family Guy tells Emily that all of this equipment can't be in the tiny graduation hall. Emily says they're not going to leave all of it there. Lorelai promises that Emily is handling it. "Okay, this lighting sucks," Raul bitches. Emily asks if they can do something about the lighting. Family Guy says he's pretty sure they can't. Emily tells Raul, "It's a community college. We'll just have to cope." Lorelai begs Emily to keep things under control. Emily promises. Lorelai says she's going to go relax and get coffee and not deal with any of this. Emily tells her that she's not needed in there and that she should be getting coffee and relaxing. Lorelai starts to leave as Emily asks if she plans on redoing her makeup before the ceremony. Lorelai says she'll have an Irish coffee.

Record Store. The Pixies' "Monkey Gone To Heaven" starts playing. I'm so happy when Kim Deal makes a nickel, I don't even care. And all of you who are just now hearing the strains of The Pixies for the first time? Run out and get yourselves a copy of Doolittle. Do not wait until college like I did when it's way too late. I actually first heard The Pixies through this song. This older guy (I think he was a senior) took my freshman ass out my first week of school and played this song in his apartment (he had his own apartment! A loft!) and explained to me how this was the greatest song of all time. Later in his bed I told him I was a virgin. He got scared and decided to just suck my toes instead. I tell you people way too much. And maybe every time you hear this song from now on, you'll think about how I had a much older boy suck my toes after hearing this song for the first time in my life. And I'm okay with that. Because it's a great song. And toe-sucking rules. Anyway. The show. Recap. Jess complains that he hasn't heard of half of these bands. Okay. Rory says that's what she loves about this place. Jess pulls a record out and asks who Slint is. The Lou Reed-looking owner tells Jess that they're a grunge band out of Kentucky. Jess thanks him. Rory goes back to the records. She finds a signed Go-Go's album. She says that this was her mom's favorite album when she was Rory's age. And it's signed by Belinda. She says this'll make the perfect graduation present. Yes -- shouldn't you be getting along by now, Rory? What with your mom's graduation. And I'm assuming that if Rory missed a newspaper meeting, Paris would have marched down to Stars Hollow immediately, calling Lorelai's cell phone and demanding to speak with Slacker Rory immediately. Jess has somehow not heard that Lorelai's graduating today, or that she was going to "college." He says he has a hard time believing Lorelai has time for anything other than lighting darts on fire and throwing them at his head. Oh, boo hoo, Jess. Go buy Rory another car before you get to bitch about how Lorelai treats you. And I believe you still owe her a beer. Oh, man. Extra with Extra Large Pink Mohawk takes his spot behind Jess and Rory so we know how cool and punk this place is in "New York." Rory thanks Jess for taking her to the record shop. "This was fate," she says. Maybe you should call Lane and ask if there's anything she's been dying to find. No? Oh, sorry to bother you in the middle of your selfish time. Go back to ruining your life. Rory promises to show Jess her withering stare to repay him for such a wonderful, fabulous, incredible, pleasejustkisshimalready.

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