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Rory is impatiently waiting for her bus to take off, since it's now dark outside and Lorelai's just about ready to walk. Rory asks the bus driver what's going on. The driver says he has no idea when they're leaving. There's an accident and they've closed the interstate. No outbound buses are allowed to leave. What? This isn't the airport. Do they do that? He says he hopes they'll leave soon, since he hates missing dinner. "Yeah, me too," Rory mopes, and goes back to her seat.

Sookie and Jackson come back to the changing room to see Lorelai. Wouldn't Lorelai be suspicious about Rory at this point? Sookie tells Lorelai that she looks like the Statue of Liberty. "All big and stony?" Sookie says no, skipping the joke about how she was the one all big and stony at her own graduation. I bet the joke just got cut; otherwise there's no reason for all this set-up. But then if the punch line was cut, I wish they'd cut the set-up as well. Lorelai compliments Jackson on how nice he looks. Jackson is very impressed with himself as well. Sookie tries to bring up Emily's antics, but Lorelai doesn't want to talk about Emily in front of her new best friends that hate her. She asks Sookie and Jackson to keep an eye on Richard and Emily. That's Lorelai, always making Sookie do something for her. Shouldn't that be Rory's job? Lorelai says that her parents are only here because Rory asked them. Zack and Liza fight at the doorway, but I refuse to recap them because it sucks. Lorelai tells Sookie that they're in love, and Sookie says it's obvious. Zack bitches about the sound guy in addition to the cameraman. "It's like a Baz Luhrmann" movie out there. No, then there'd be total chaos with a crappy storyline that nobody can follow because there's too much music and noise and flashy-flashy. This goes on for a while as Lorelai lowers herself and her family for Liza and Zack, who are worse than Bootsy and the Troubadour.

The jig is up when a woman walks in carrying a box of corsages and asks Lorelai to pick her favorite. Lorelai doesn't want to wear a corsage, but the woman insists that Lorelai pick one since Emily paid for all of them. She threatens to send Emily back there if Lorelai doesn't pick one. Lorelai picks one. Corsage Lady tells Lorelai that the cameraman said that one would look the best on film. Liza and Zack realize she's the rich girl. Lorelai says she's not rich, but her parents are. She says she takes nothing from them but the corsage and her daughter's tuition. She asks if Zack and Liza are going to stone her. Zack says he should have guessed, since Lorelai's friends are dressed like Hollywood hot shots. Liza deadpans, "So that's why you didn't want to get pizza? 'Cause it's below you?" Why do these two get so much screen time? Lorelai says that pizza is one of her four major food groups. She goes on and on trying to impress these assholes. Zack calls Lorelai "your highness." Whatever. Go back to the Daniel Palladino Toy Chest, you ass. Lorelai's pager goes off as Jackson wonders if the suit is a little too much. Sookie consoles Jackson as Lorelai reads that Rory is tied up and promises to be there as soon as she can. Lorelai notes how weird that is. Sookie says they'll sit in the back and wait for Rory. Lorelai also asks them to hold onto all of her things so that she doesn't have to leave them in dressing room. Zack teases Lorelai for not trusting her things around the poor kids. "Knock it off, Zack," Lorelai says, and that's it. We just watch her pout. Okay. Great. Waste my time.

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