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Rory says that she doesn't want to talk about this anymore. She just wants to talk about the list she made on the bus of all the ways she's going to make this up to Lorelai. She grabs the notebook out of the tiny pocket of her backpack and starts reading from the list. Lorelai has total control over remote and stereo and the take-out choices. Rory will give Lorelai a special surprise present every day for a month. She hits herself when she realizes that she left Lorelai's Go-Go's album on the bus. She tells Lorelai what she got for her and promises to find another copy. Lorelai tells her to forget about the list until tomorrow. Rory's still in a freak-out and says that she'll send herself to bed without any dinner. Lorelai asks if she has to eat alone now. Rory says it's up to Lorelai, but that she should go to bed without supper. Lorelai says she'd rather go out with her daughter. Rory says she doesn't deserve it. Lorelai says she knows that Rory doesn't, but that tonight is about what Lorelai wants, and she wants to spend the evening with Rory. A very whiny Rory begs to be able to take a shower to get the horrible smell of today off herself. Well, she totally shouldn't be allowed to take a shower. The restaurants are going to close soon. Rory promises not to enjoy dinner and swears she'll have a terrible night's sleep. She says she's "so, so" sorry and hugs Lorelai. "Aw, really?" Lorelai asks. "'Cause you didn't make that clear." Rory promises she won't be long. Lorelai pouts until the closing credits. palsy in both hands. Ow. Man.

Next time, there's a wedding, and Lorelai's getting chummy with her baby's daddy. It's also the season finale. Give my fingernails a time to grow. The announcer promises us that Rory will "finally" make her decision between Rory and Jess. "I'll move back," Jess threatens. CuteDean looks pretty good in a suit. See you then. I'm off to not flush my toilet for another ten hours. I'm disgusting.

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